[Exclusive] Ji Sung and Lee Se Young talk about their latest drama, Doctor Room

Doctor Room is another hot series that is currently airing on ONE HD. It tells the story about prodigy Cha Yo Han and warm-hearted Kang Si Young, two anesthesiologists who help patients with mysterious causes of pain.

Also known as Doctor John or Doctor Yohan, this medical drama stars super talented actor Ji Sung as Cha Yo Han and actress Lee Se Young as Kang Si Young.

K-popped! recently had a chance to interview the two leads in this drama, check it out below!

Ji Sung as Cha Yo Han

Ji Sung: The character I’m playing is Cha Yo Han, the youngest professor in the Department of Pain Medicine. Yo Han has special abilities. When he sees his patients, he can diagnose them quickly and accurately. Hence, he’s got his nickname, “Dr. Ten Seconds”. He’s a pain medicine specialist, who can diagnose his patients within 10 seconds.


Q: Why did you choose this drama?

Ji Sung: There’re many reasons why I chose it. First of all, I go way back with Director Jo Su Won. I know I can trust him when I work with him. Another thing is that I was able to connect with Mr Kim Ji Hoon’s script. The theme of this drama sends a clear message to today’s society. And personally, my father suffered from a heart condition for a long time and ended up having a heart transplant. As I took care of him, I suffered emotionally and thought about the meaning of life in a very serious manner. Because of that experience, I think it’s a drama I could work on with all of my heart. That’s why I decided to do this project.


Q: How did you prepare to play Cha Yo Han? 

Ji Sung: This is my second medical drama, and while filming the first one, there were parts I remember I could’ve done more naturally when expressing my feelings. I thought about those times, read books, thought about how we need to be happy and what a doctor could do for others. So those are some things I did. That’s all.


Q: What’s special about this drama? 

Ji Sung: There’s no one who doesn’t cherish every moment of their lives. If something bad happens to such people, they’ll feel devastated. Their families and friends will be sad. This is a medical drama and melodrama at the same time which portrays heartbroken people and incidents that can happen to us.


Q: Say a few words to the viewers! 

Ji Sung: All the cast and staff members are working so hard to reach out to the people with a heartfelt story. I wish it’ll be on air soon. It’s been a while since we started filming, so I’m curious how it’ll come out.



Lee Se Young as Kang Si Young

Lee Se Young: Kang Si Young is a talented, warmhearted, and very sympathetic person. She’s a second-year resident. She’s a perfect daughter who’s always been the top student in her class.


Q: What are your feelings after reading the script?

Lee Se Young: When I think about Si Young and Professor Cha Yo Han, my heart aches and my chest feels heavy. I was wondering how I could convey those feelings in the story to the viewers, and I had a lot of fun reading the script. I especially liked the ending.


Q: How did you prepare to play a doctor?

Lee Se Young: I’ve seen real doctors at work, seeing patients. And all the actors were given medical training. I worked hard, but when I tried to do it for real, it wasn’t easy. I was nervous. Anyway, I’m doing my best.


Q: Any challenges while filming? 

Lee Se Young: It got really hot these days. There are many medical terms in my lines. Those lines keep disappearing from my brain due to the heat. So I keep making mistakes. That’s what’s been happening lately.



Q: How are Si Young and Se Young similar? 

Lee Se Young: The similarity I share with Si Young is… I feel awkward saying this, but they are both “righteous”. They don’t compromise. Some may say we are stubborn.


Q: How was it on the set of the drama?

Lee Se Young: Everyone’s so nice and humorous, but I found out that Director Jo Su Won is so lovely. I wanted to point that out. Everyone is so proud of him.


Q: What’s special about this drama?

Lee Se Young: The thing to look for in our drama is although it’s a story set in a hospital, the focus is on the people in it. It’s a heart-warming, touching, and entertaining story. It has everything, and I hope you will enjoy it.


Q: Say a few words to the viewers! 

Lee Se Young: Stay tuned for “Doctor Room”! It airs in July. I love you, guys.



Doctor Room premieres on 20 Jul, Sat & Sun, 6.10PM, within 24 hours of Korea and available on  ONE HD ASTRO CH 393.