The Best Things To Do In Barbados

With its stunning diverse landscape and exotic location far out in the West Indies, Barbados is one of the world’s best luxury escapes. Beautiful white-sand beaches with a backdrop of rocky cliffs, lush forests full of monkeys, and deep caverns all create a Caribbean jewel that is a true island paradise. Our island is rich in history as well with colonial buildings, 17th-century plantations, and museums to visit. The capital city of Bridgetown is a popular port of call for cruise ships and the shores are dotted with luxury accommodations. Come to Barbados and let us show you the perfect holiday.

The Beaches

The unique Barbados Boardwalk is one-of-a-kind in the Caribbean. It links a huge stretch along the southern beachfront and is lined with rum shacks and bars to stop in. Walk from Rockley Beach in Hastings westward to Coconut Grove Beach on a flat and well-maintained boardwalk.

The sandy shores with craggy cliffs and boulders of Bathsheba make it a splendidly picturesque beach. Though not good for swimming due to dangerous rip tides, we do recommend riding the swells of the famous Soup Bowl for expert surfers. For all the rest, the climb over the sea vines and dunes to witness the break of crashing waves is a must-do.

On the south coast of the island, Dover Beach is situated in Christ Church parish in the lovely Oistins. Popular for surfing, jet skiing, and windsurfing, Dover Beach also has a swimming area away from the rip tides. Lifeguards monitor swimmers all day. Bars and cafes are nearby, and the beach has chair and umbrellas rentals as well as public restroom facilities. The beach is accessible by walking the Barbados Boardwalk and by car or bus.

For the calmest waters, head to the beaches of Carlisle Bay. Shipwrecks out in the bay and colorful marine animals make the area great for snorkeling. Local vendors offer sports equipment like jet skis and kayaks. They can also arrange beachside horseriding excursions. Vendors also rent out umbrellas, chairs, and towels for a nominal fee. Get to Carlisle Bay by taxi or bus. It’s located two miles southwest of Bridgetown.


The Resorts

Mild and sunny winter days ultimately make summer last all year on the island of Barbados. An unspoiled coastline with stunning views is the perfect setting for luxurious accommodations. One of the best is found on a private cove on the island’s southside. Turtle Tail Estate, an expansive property on the beachfront of Turtle Tail Beach includes the Elegant Turtle House. This luxury Barbados accommodation features five unique master bedrooms with private decks and ocean views, a great room for dining and entertaining, private office, family kitchen, and open and airy dayroom. Guests enjoy a wealth of exciting resort-style activities from a 13-person theater to a game room, gym, and more. The Turtle House’s best-loved feature is a pool that spans the length of the property inviting guests to land in a plunge pool in a single step.


The History

Experience a Bajan atmosphere by strolling the streets of Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados and UNESCO heritage site. The streets are lined with bits of history like the Chamberlain Bridge and neo-Gothic Parliament buildings. The sunny squares of Bridgetown are lined with statues honoring grand colonial figures, and local fishermen join travelers at the town’s quaint rum bars.

Closeby central Bridgetown on the island’s southern side, the Garrison Savannah Arena is another UNESCO heritage site. The area sports a series of forts buildings and old barracks used by the British. One of the buildings, aptly named the George Washington House, is where the famous first US president took refuge in the 1750s.

In northern Barbados, east of Moore Hill and past the palm groves, visit St. Nicholas Abbey with its fascinating Jacobean facades. The site dates back to the 1600s when sugarcane was raised and harvested in the fields surrounding the main house. The crops are still grown here today and the abbey is a museum with restored interior rooms.


The Natural Wonders

Beyond the beaches, historic sites, and resorts of Barbados are several natural wonders not to be missed. Explore the biological diversity of a Caribbean island at Hute’s Gardens. Stroll the winding paths among a patchwork of exotic flowers like orchids set among a backdrop of emerald ferns, swaying palms, and yellow-tipped craboo trees.

Another cultural wonder can be found in Queen’s Park in the middle of Bridgetown. A gigantic baobab tree is said to be the fattest tree in the Caribbean. It takes 15 adults to reach around the tree’s central branch.

In the hills around Walkes Spring and Carrington lies the grandest natural wonder of Barbados, the magnificent caverns of Harrison’s Cave. The subterranean passages are lined to the brim with gorgeous stalagmites and stalactites and filled with curious geological formations.