[Event Coverage] NU’EST Together Again as Five in Malaysia

It has been quite awhile since NU’EST as a whole group performed in Malaysia. Hwang Minhyun came quite a few times with temporary group Wanna One after successfully joined the group while NU’EST W (NU’EST members minus Hwang Minhyun) last came during one of the instalments of K Wave in Malaysia. On September 7, Malaysian LOVE (NU’EST fandom name) rejoice as the group performed at the Stadium Malawati Shah Alam.

The concert started punctually at 6pm with the group appearing behind steel gates and greeted the fans with the fan favourite Hello. The song, which was released in 2013, was given new breath after 4/5 of the members joined Produce 101.

While the stadium is quite a small venue, the lights and colors on the stage joined with the fan chants makes you feel as if you are in a concert with a bigger crowd. Paired with the groups energetic performance throughout the concert, 3 hours went by so quickly.

After they performed hit after hit, the group introduced themselves to the fans and try to practice their Malay phrases. “Panas (hot)!” said JR, making the fans laugh and at the same time agreeing with them. The weather is hot, and with the non-stop opening performance  from them, the temperature was totally raised.

Other than performing their hits, the group also showcased individual strengths by performing solo songs. Baekho showed his vocal prowess with Thankful For You, while Minhyun sang Universe, with lyrics directed to the fans. Aron serenaded the fans with a jazz version of Good Love and Ren showed his sexy side with Paradise. The last solo performance by JR, I Hate You, proves his position as the main dancer of the group.

Being ‘old timers’ in the K-pop industry, the group is not shy interacting with the fans and this includes some light flirting with Malaysian LOVEs.


Towards the end of the concert, to the ‘veteran’ fans delight, NU’EST performed their old hits Face, Action and Beautiful Ghost back to back. The energy given by the boys with their backup dancers was too amazing that we could see the extended stage started to sway, making us a bit worried for the boys’ safety. Thankfully the performance ended with the boys in one piece.

As the show comes to an end, the boys thanked the fans for all the support given through out the years. The group also promised the fans that they will include Malaysia in the upcoming tours. Well, during their show in 2017 earlier, Aron did say they will be coming to Malaysia for a full fledged concert right? One promise fulfilled, and we’ll see in the future.

Song List

1. Hello

2. Love Paint

3. Overcome

4. Bet bet

5. Look

6. Real Love True Love

7. I’m Bad

8. Day Break

9. Thankful For You

10. Universe

11. Paradise

12. Good Love

13. I Hate You

14. A Little Bit More

15. One Kis2

16. Lost & Found


18. Pretty

19. Face

20. Action

21. Beautiful Ghost

22. Segno

23. A Song For You

24. Not Over You

25. Hey Love