K-pop New Music (13 September 2019)

Sonnet Son
I’m Not A Warrior

Genre : K-Pop / Pop
Release : Sept 13, 2019

Sonnet Son (better known as Son Seung Yeon 손승연) is one of the most vibrant K-Pop female solo artists at the moment!

Appearing on various music TV shows in Korea (Masked Singer 복면가왕, Immortal Songs 복면가왕), Sonnet Son presents a super powerful English ballad pop single ‘Warrior’.


Kim Young Geun
Not Happy

Genre : Ballad / K-Pop
Release : Sept 13, 2019

Here comes a new single from the winner of “Superstar K 2016”, a power vocalist,  Kim Young Geun.


Various Artists
At Eighteen
Original Television Soundtrack (Full Album)

Genre : OST / Ballad
Release : Sept 13, 2019

The full soundtrack of this critically acclaimed TV Drama series “At Eighteen” (starring ONG SEONG WU from WANNA ONE) is now release with 6 key vocal tracks and lots of melodic score. Check it out~




Birds fight to come out of eggs

Genre : Indie / Hip Hop
Release : Sept 9, 2019

Debut single from Layone who later signed with Basick‘s OUTLIVE record label after his elimination from the “Show Me The Money 8”. Check out his powerful battle stage !


After The Light

Genre : Indie / R&B
Release : Sept 13, 2019

Rapper, singer and producer KIGGEN launched his own record label “Korean Roulette” and picks YEJUN as the second artist of the label following SBGB.