K-Pop Stars Share Their Most Coveted Beauty Secrets

We all know that our favorite K-Pop stars have fantastic skin and makeup that is always on point. Whether they’re rocking a no-makeup makeup look or full-on glam for the stage, they pull off every look flawlessly. With their busy schedules, how do they manage to keep their skin glowing and their makeup always so perfect? Thankfully, our favorite K-Pop stars don’t mind sharing their most coveted beauty secrets!


  • Puppy Eyes


As you probably already know, puppy eyes are super popular in K-pop. Hyun-A from 4Minute has this look mastered, and she might even be the reason puppy eyes have become such a big thing. To get the look of a downturned puppy eye, Hyun-A follows the natural shape of her eye with liner, exaggerating the downward motion at the outer corners. This liner shape gives the eye a full and round puppy eye look, instead of the elongated and upturned look of a cat-eye. 


  • 10 Step Skincare Routine


Would you be surprised to learn that the gorgeous Cha Eunwoo from Astro has to work hard to keep his skin clear? Much like the rest of us, he struggles with acne, especially when he’s stressed.  What’s his secret? He follows a strict 10-step skincare routine that includes a cleanser, toner, a hydration mist, and an overnight face mask from popular K-Beauty brands. He’s certainly proof that a good skincare routine is indeed effective!


  • Hair Treatment Oil


It’s not all about skincare and makeup… K-Pop stars always have gorgeous hair, too! Jin-ah from After School admits that she does a lot of damage to her hair because she changes styles and color a lot. Her secret? She applies a natural hair treatment oil to her hair every day to keep it strong, nourished, and soft.


  • The 424 Cleansing Method


We all love Bae Suzy’s innocent, natural look. Her glowing, radiant, youthful skin is like her trademark. How does she do it? She uses something called the 424 cleansing method. It’s basically the double-cleanse, kicked up a notch. She starts by rubbing an oil cleanser into her face for four minutes to completely break down oil and makeup. Then she goes in with a foaming cleanser for two minutes. She finishes the routine by rinsing with water for a full four minutes. Suzy swears by this method for removing every last trace of dirt, oil, and makeup that have gunked up on her face throughout the day. Judging by how incredible her skin looks, we’re convinced she’s got the right idea!


  • Plump Lips


It turns out you don’t have to resort to lip fillers to get plump, juicy lips. JooE from Momoland pulls it off with Korean makeup and cosmetics. Her secret is all in the technique. She uses two different lip shades; one darker and one lighter. The darker color is applied to the outer portion of the lips, and the lighter color is applied in the middle. It may sound a little weird, but once you try it, you’ll see that it really does work!


  • Contour Without Powder


We all love the high-cheekboned, highlighted look that you get from contouring, but nobody likes to walk around with tons of powder on their face. It just doesn’t look natural or glowy in any way. Well, Sandara Park has figured how to get the contoured and highlighted look without applying tons of powder. She starts by using a lightweight foundation or BB cream that matches her skin tone all over her face. Then she goes in with a lighter shade of the same product just in the T-zone, along the cheekbones, and on the apples of her cheeks. The result is a gorgeous contoured look the plays up her best features without looking fake. 


  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


We all know we’re supposed to drink a lot of water, but does it really make a difference in how our skin looks? Song Ji-Eun from the Korean girl band, Secret, says it can! She is committed to drinking three or four liters of water each day and says it is her secret to radiant and glowing skin. She also says that she notices a big difference in how her skin looks if she doesn’t take the time to drink plenty of water.


  • Use Plenty of Moisturizer


Most of us moisturize our skin regularly, but we may not realize just how important it really is. Ha Ji-won, a top Korean actress, has become obsessive about moisturizing her skin. Her most coveted beauty secret is never to let her skin remain dry for more than a few seconds! The moment she finishes cleansing her skin, she goes in with a jelly pack to get moisture back into her skin immediately. She takes things even further by keeping a moisturizing facial mist on hand at all times to add moisture throughout the day. She credits her obsession with moisturizing for keeping her skin so healthy and glowing.


  • Face Masks Are Your Friend


Face masks might seem a bit indulgent to many, but it turns out that they are one of the most coveted beauty secrets of K-Pop stars. Many K-beauty experts recommend keeping a variety of sheet masks on hand to combat any skin issues immediately. In fact, South Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo is a committed user of sheet masks and sometimes even makes her own. 

Go Hyun-Jung is also known to use a two-step face mask routine to provide her skin with extra nourishment regularly. What’s more, actress Park Shin-Hye swears by sheet masking every single day. She says that her daily masking routine keeps her looking fresh, rather than fatigued, even with her hectic lifestyle. Many K-Pop stars also swear by sleep masks in place of nighttime moisturizer.


  • Diet Really is Important


You were probably expecting this, but most K-pop stars say that eating a healthy, clean diet is super vital for glowing, healthy skin. Everyone puts eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables at the top of their list, but some take things even further. For example, Mina from Girl’s Day says you should eat a lot of cooked tomatoes. Baro from B1A4 eliminates all oily or fried foods from his diet to avoid breakouts. And, Infinite’s Sungveol drinks a lettuce concentrate daily for clear skin.

Surprisingly, none of these tips are all that difficult to follow, and they’re not very expensive either. Try adding some of these steps to your daily routine, and they just might become your own coveted beauty secrets!

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