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[Event Coverage] #KCON19LA KCON Stage With STRAY KIDS For Star Talk Live

Each year, KCON brings in Korean Pop fans from all over the USA to two multi-day conventions in two cities. This year, they have invited JYP’s rookie boy group Stray Kids to LA to join fellow artists on the main stage.

On Sunday, August 18, 2019, Stray Kids graced the KCON Stage for Star Live Talk at 1PM with the entire audience filled with STAY’s (Stray Kid’s Fandom Name). The audience was the biggest they’ve seen yet from the other convention days. Just letting you in on how popular and powerful these rookies are already from the moment they step foot on stage.

Stray Kids, JYP‘s most recently debuted boy group consisting of 9 members, Bang Chan (leader), Woojin, Lee Know, ChangbinHyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Next is: Q&A session hosted by KCON‘s most beloved MC Danny Lim.

Q: What does the name Stray Kids mean?

A: Bang Chan(Leader): … as you guys know it mean stray and kids… another meaning to it, it means I guess we’re trying to step out of a certain system and really go and chase our dreams as 9 members, as a group.

Q: Were there any other names that you guys were thinking of?

A: Bang Chan(Leader): Trigger with the finger motion of pulling a trigger.

Q: Did you guys come up with it or was it something that the company came up with?

A: Bang Chan(Leader): …mixture of both, we did tell them our opinions and everything…

Q: First impression when you heard that name?

A: Lee Know said “Stray Kids is good, just good”. Then honestly spoke, “I had no idea what it meant”, gaining a laughing reaction from the boys themselves and the fans. Han mentioned hearing Stray Kids for the first time worried him, due to the word “kids” and a majority of the members being already above 21, it might not have suited them as a name. As years progress, they have shown their performance on stage and now truly believe that Stray Kids suits them best. I.N also then added, he had difficulty pronouncing the word “Stray” when the name was given to the group. Felix thought the name was pretty cool, but then when having to switch it over to Korean words it was very long enunciating each individual word when written. Changbin ends the question by saying the “Stray” had a meaning of showing their passion and love for their fans and also love for the stage. It is what makes the name Stray Kids, being able to bring out the best performances, the best side of themselves to their audience.

Q: How do you feel about all the awards last year for being the Best Rookie?

A: Hyunjin’s answer was translated by Leader Bang Chan due to the overall length of the response.”Last year we did get quite a few awards, I guess just receiving that, being acknowledged for that is just really honorable, and we’re just really thankful… All of our STAY’s who helped us get those awards as well, we did receive all the awards but technically it’s you guys (STAY’s), thank you STAY’s! .

Wrapping up the Q&A Session, MC Danny moved onto a segment which he would like to call “The History of Stray Kids” segment. Sunday, August, 18, 2018 officially marked 513 days since Stray Kids has debuted. In order to celebrate the blessed day, Stray Kids prepared a special event for STAY’s! The boys would be getting up and performing highlights of every title song from debut to current time, adding a small explanation to each individual song.

Getting up from their spots, Changbin explained “Hellevator” from their Pre-debut EP Mixtape album consisting of their blood, sweat and tears from all their hardships to reach this point. “District 9” was next from their official debut album I AM NOT, as Bang Chan stated that it was “all about 9 of us, all in our own district, and we really are ambitious to go and look for our dreams.” A fan favorite song “My Pace” was next on the list as Han quickly stated to believe in yourself, believe in the direction you’re taking, don’t listen to anyone else and go your own path. STAY’s got so excited with the song playing over head that even after the song had stopped they were still singing along to the next part hyping Stray Kids up even more. This definitely felt like a Stray Kids concert inside of KCON LA’s convention center. I Am You from album I Am You played next which was their third album, Lee Know said the song is like the title, you are me, and I am you. Next up was a true head banger for fans, Victory Song. Bang Chan words were exact as this song really doesn’t need an explanation. It was definitely a song made for the fans to sing along with at concerts and allowed a connection between Stray Kids and Stay’s. Last but not least their latest song Miroh which earned them their first music show win on April 4, 2019, on M Countdown.

The Star Talk ended with a few words for the Leader Bang Chan It is our second time here in LA. Our first time here for KCON, we’re just really honored to be here, and we hope that you guys will enjoy our performance today. You guys have fun okay! As the members ending the star talk and waving to their fellow STAY’s. They had started to sing along to the music playing overhead, shocking all the members to hear how loud the crowd was once again proving just how powerful their fandom was present. All the members made sure to not miss even the fans who were in the very back to make sure they were remembered and included in today’s event.