The 5 People You Have in Your Life, If You Were in a K-drama

If you have ever wished you could be the leading lady in a Korean drama, you’re not alone. Trust us when we say we’ve been there too! Just imagine having a handsome man give you a piggyback ride when your feet are too tired to walk. Or kissing for what feels like forever in an outdoor ice rink as the winter’s first snow falls.

Along with the sweet romance, however, often comes jealousy, mystery, and villainy. Get to know the 5 very important characters who will change the course of your life, if you were in a K-drama!


  1. The Rich, Handsome Guy with a Dark Side (Lee Jae-Sang, Welcome 2 Life)

Full of charm with billions under his name, he is often a chaebol heir who is arrogant and rude. But as you get to know him (and fall in love with him), you’ll find that deep inside, he has a heart of gold. It is also around this time when you will learn more about his dark side – usually issues that he must run off to handle, leaving you uncertain about your future with him.


  1. The Jealous Frenemy (Shin Hwa-Kyung, Secrets and Lies)

Pretty and seemingly sweet, she’s the girl who has it all. But, as you start to succeed in life and build deeper relationships with loved ones around you, her jealousy begins to get the better of her and she turns evil. Whether she’s a sibling or a friend caught in a love triangle with you, she’s there to challenge you and keep you on your toes.


  1. The Sweet Grandma (Kang Nam-Doo, Golden Garden)

Source: KoreanDrama.Org

She was there when you first arrived into the world, and she’ll be there with you till the very end. With her many years of life’s experiences, your halmeoni or grandmother is one smart lady who is always ready to give you the wisest of advice. Kind and selfless, she will protect you and your family at all costs.


  1. The Best Friend Who’s Always There (Choi Woo-Sun, Love in Sadness)

Source: My Drama List

She is your personal cheerleader, always there to help you when you’re facing issues at work or in your love life. She is great fun to be around and can always put a smile on your face. When you’re off facing a battle (with your frenemy perhaps), you can count on her to be right by your side.


  1. The Mum Who Just Doesn’t Understand (Im Yeon-Hwa, Love in Sadness)

Scheming, strict, and at times villainous, she’s often the mother of the rich, handsome love interest. She has unrealistically high expectations of her son and would often use her wealth to get her way. She is hungry for power and looks down on all who isn’t as well off as her. For this reason, she would often stop at nothing until her son marries into a prestigious family, going as far as sacrificing his happiness.


Don’t you just love how colourful the characters are in Korean dramas? So do we!


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