Tune in This Saturday – New Korean Drama on Viki

This Saturday (9/28) don’t miss the premiere of “Melting Me Softly” on Rakuten Viki (www.viki.com).

Getting frozen on ice for 20 years has never been so steamy.

“Melting Me Softly” will originally air on tVN in South Korea and be available on Rakuten Viki same day and date each week.


Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook) and Ko Mi-Ran (Won Jin-A) both volunteer enter into a study where they are frozen for 24 hours, or so they were told…  After waking up twenty full years later, the two realize they’ve been caught in a major conspiracy. After seeing their family and everything around them age 20 years while they’ve stayed virtually the same, the pair must learn how to cope with this new reality… together.

Catch all of “Melting Me Softly” only on Viki (www.viki.com), the number one destination for Asian dramas.