[Event Coverage] DreamNote charms Malaysian Page with their “dreamlike” promo tour

K-pop girl group DreamNote proves that they are quick to pick up on another language if it means getting to express their feelings better to their international fans, as they swiftly learned how to say “Sayang Awak!” during their show at Atria Shopping Gallery yesterday evening, much to the delight of their Malaysian Page.

Boni, Lara, leader Youi and Miso picked it up with ease, parroting local emcee Hani Fadzil’s teaching happily, while Eunjo and Miso exchanged cute confused glances and ended up giggling instead.

“It’s a more aegyo-filled way of saying “Aku Cinta Padamu”,” their translator explained, referring to the Malay phrase that the girls were using to greet their fans before Hani decided to up their aegyo game. (Not that they needed much help with that).

All six members were present during their promo tour in Malaysia yesterday, which consisted of a press conference with the media earlier in the day and a show for their devoted fans at the abovementioned shopping mall later in the evening.

We had the chance to attend both (so we got double the dose of their bubbliness and cuteness, no complaints though) and it was good to see that the girls were able to answer questions just as comfortably in front of a screaming crowd of fans as they were in front of a room full of attentive media.

Let’s talk a little bit about the press conference first. The girls trotted on stage at 11.30am sharp, smiles decorating their fresh faces. After greeting the media and introducing themselves, the Q&A session started.

Among the questions asked was the compulsory “What local food have you tried?” and surprisingly, aside from the popular reply (nasi lemak), the girls also answered “kaya toast”. We can see ourselves having breakfast at a kopitiam with these girls already.

Funnily, when asked of their experience filming their music video, Boni replied that during the filming of “Hakuna Matata”, the wind was blowing quite hard, it not only disrupted their filming but also kept messing up their hair. The moment she said that, all her fellow members instinctively touched their hair to make sure they still looked perfectly coifed, even though there was hardly any breeze in the air-conditioned room.

After the press conference, it was a few hours before we met the girls again. This time they weren’t quite so prompt. No explanation was given but it could be due to bad traffic since it was raining in the evening.

Arriving give or take 20 minutes later than the scheduled 6pm show. The girls wasted no time and immediately took the stage to greet their Malaysian Page who had been waiting patiently.
They kicked off their show with “Hakuna Matata”. The stage was shaky (we could feel our seats moving whenever they hopped about onstage) but their performance was not.

It was during this performance that the girls, who have only debuted for less than a year, showed they were just as professional as their sunbae. The music suddenly cut off about halfway through the song but instead of stopping and getting flustered by it, they carried on performing, giving Lara and Miso especially the chance to really show off their live singing skills.

The rest of their performances, “Cong Cong” and “Dream Note”, continued without a hitch, much to the girls’ relief.

Again, the girls had brief Q&A sessions with the emcee in between their performances and once again they amused the crowd with their “kaya toast” reply.

After wrapping up the performances, the girls left the stage and returned a little while later for a photo session with some of their lucky fans.

Afterwards, a table was brought on stage so they could start the fansign, which was open to any lucky fan with their poster.

Having successfully held such a “dreamlike” promo tour, let’s hope DreamNote will return to Malaysia soon for a full concert just for their Page!

Article and Photos by Florey