A SEXY 4 EVA Evening With Jay Park

After years of waiting for Jay Park to comeback to Malaysia with another concert, we finally get to see Jay Park on the stage again. Bringing “SEXY 4 EVA World Tour” with him, Jay successfully fullfilled his promise to come back and meet his fans. The show that held at KL Live on Friday, 27th September definitely a day to remember by Malaysia’s Jwalkerz as we have been craving for great live performance from Jay since long time and now here he is!

The show was started with Woo Wonjae performance as an ‘appetizer’.  Woo Wonjae who was a top 3 rapper from “SMTM6′ and currently an artist under Jaypark’s record label, AOMG  has performed many of his hit including ‘We Are’ and ‘Go High’. it was really such a great starter and we can see the crowd was fully warmed up by his unique energy.

After Wonjae ended his last performance , Jay Park kicked in onto the stage with his first song “Forget About you” followed by Me Like Yu’, ‘Solo’, ‘Iffy’ and many more. Within few first minutes of the show, Jay had reminded us on how powerful his performance skills are. Being an all-rounded artist who rap, dance and sing, Jay display real quality of a performer and steal everyone’s heart in instance. After few songs, Jay started singing ‘ JOAH’, one of his greatest hit and the fans were happily sang along to the whole song with Jay reminiscing the beauty of that R&B piece.

Before Jay Park left the stage to prepare for the 2nd half on the show, Jay really threw JWalkerz back to 2012 with the title song from his first album New Breed. “Know Your Name” really gives us an impact as we were so touched that we can sing along to this song with Jay Park again on his first official World Tour.

The show still goes on even during Jay’s costume break. It’s time for HAON to take over the stage. Giving a really active energy to the crowd, HAON performed few of his song including “NOAH” and successfully stole every single heart on the room with his cheerful rap. HAON who was the Winner of High School Rapper 2 last year really showed the audience how he deserves to win the title with his rapping.

KL Live gets more hyped up during the 2nd half of the concert. Jay Park came back to the stage with “Worldwide” followed with more songs after. The crowd screamed hard once Jay started singing “Twisted Dream”. The song that featured our own homies Joe Flizzow was performed for the first time by Jay at the tour together with Joe.

The show got even hotter as it went on when Jay started to take off his shirt for “Mommae”. The crowd went crazy with scream as many thought we wouldn’t get the sexy performance by Jay for some reasons but we were definitely wrong. it gets even sexier with “Sexy 4 Eva” following after. Feeling close to the fans who has been supporting him along his career, Jay sang “Nothin’ Like You”, his first song cover that he released on youtube when he started his solo career back in 2010 before he said good bye and left the stage.

Just as we thought the show is over, Jay came back to the stage together with HAON and Woo Wonjae for the encore stage and sang “All Day”, “Giddy U” and “Who You”. At the end of the concert. Before leaving, Jay invited all his local rapper friends that has attended his show to come up the stage to take picture with himself and the audience to capture the memory together.

It was such a great show from Jay Park after a long time we get to see him on stage live in Malaysia. We hope he will be coming back to Malaysia again for another show in the future. Here we would like to thank Onion Production for giving us chance to experience this great concert. Thank you!