Which SuperM star are you? Spotify will tell you!

Are you a Lucas? Or more of a Kai?  Earlier this month,  after months of secrecy, newly formed K-Pop supergroup SuperM burst onto the music scene by staging their global debut performance outside the iconic Capitol Records building.  And now, it’s time to get quizzical, as Spotify gives you the chance to find out which member of the band you are most like based on your personality and music taste.

Users can head to this interactive site, connect to Spotify and start a multiple choice quiz to unearth their SuperM perfect match. After receiving a special message from the band, users can head over to Spotify to listen to the group’s debut album – The 1st Mini Album, share their results on social media and learn about the profiles of the other members in the group.


Who are SuperM?

Touted the ‘Avengers of Kpop’, the seven-man band features artists from four of the biggest groups in Kpop today – TAEMIN from SHINee, BAEKHYUN and KAI from EXO, TAEYONG and MARK from NCT127, TEN and LUCAS from WayV.  SuperM represents the ‘Super’ synergy of the artists as the MATRIX & MASTERS of music. The global sensation has already garnered a whopping 1,102,058 monthly listeners and 154,089 followers on Spotify in just 6 short days!

To keep up with the hottest new K-pop band, stay tuned to @SpotifyKDaebak for the reveal of each artist’s favourite music and answers to the personality quiz!


SuperM’s Top 5 cities listener on Spotify

  1. Jakarta, ID – 92,870 listeners
  2. Surabaya, ID – 46,730 listeners
  3. Bangkok, TH – 36,288 listeners
  4. Singapore, SG – 34,218 listeners
  5. Kuala Lumpur, MY – 25,237 listeners


Get to know the SuperM members:


TAEMIN made his debut as a member of SHINee in 2008. Since his debut, he has gained global popularity as a breakthrough solo artist and exceptional performer.


KAI made his debut as a member of EXO in 2012. KAI, as the main performer of the group, dominates the stage with his unique, charismatic and powerful performance


BAEKHYUN made his debut as a member of EXO in 2012. BAEKHYUN, the main singer of the group, is a strong vocalist with unmatched stage presence.


TAEYONG made his debut as a member of NCT 127 in 2016. TAEYONG is known as an unparalleled rapper with unrivalled dance skills.


MARK made his debut as a member of NCT 127 in 2016. MARK has proven his abilities as a multi-talented artist, rap lyricist, and a supreme performer.


TEN made his debut as a member of WayV in 2019. TEN is widely loved for his impeccable dance skills and is a dominating showman.


LUCAS made his debut as a member of WayV in 2019. LUCAS is not only recognized as a captivating entertainer, but also as a multi-faceted performer.