6 artists we’d love to see BTS collaborate with

The boys of BTS have collaborated with many artists internationally, among those are big names such as LAUV, Becky G, Nicki Minaj, Charli XCX and Halsey. To create even more variety to their music, we would love to see them collaborate with these 5 Korean superstars – and 1 international actor-singer, giving ARMYs more amazing music to groove to.

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Epik High

These legends of Korean hip-hop were part of the reason Suga became a rapper, and BTS’s spitfire Grandpa even produced a track, Eternal Sunshine for their 2019 album, sleepless in ________. 

With the ongoing problem of sasaengs, we’d love to see Suga or BTS’s rap line take on a song similar to Epik High’s 2007 masterpiece Fan, or a vocal collab à la 2008’s One Minute One Second feat. Taru. Jimin and Jin’s airy vocals would certainly fit Epik High’s songs, and this could be the chance for another Yoonmin collaboration, with Agust D producing/rapping and Jimin singing. 




While Kpop artists branching out and promoting in Japan is nothing new these days, fans who’ve been around during the second generation of Kpop would appreciate just how hard artists like TVXQ and BoA worked to establish a foothold in Japan. 

SM Entertainment had the perfect quintet of looks, vocals and talent with TVXQ, though their tragic split in 2009 led to Yunho and Changmin remaining with SM as TVXQ, and Junsu, Jaejoong and (the now disgraced) Yoochun leaving to form JYJ.

BTS tackles bombastic songs like Fire, Dope and Mic Drop with little difficulty, while TVXQ has iconic SMP songs such as Rising Sun, Mirotic (we’re still dreaming of BTS’s vocal line hitting the high notes in this) and Keep Your Head Down.  

On the flipside, TVXQ/JYJ also have some seriously impressive ballads, like Tonight, Bolero and In Heaven, and the combination of Junsu and Jaejoong’s heavenly vocals coupled with BTS’s vocal line is promising.

A collaboration between the undisputed Kings of the second generation, together with the current, unmatched, leaders of Kpop? Make it happen Kpop Gods. 


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Troye Sivan

Both Jungkook and RM have covered and shown appreciation for the South African-born, Australian singer, with RM even tweeting to recommend Sivan’s 2018 song, Strawberries and Cigarettes off the soundtrack of Love, Simon.

Like BTS, Sivan’s live performances sound flawless, and he fully commits to the emotion and concept of whichever song he’s singing (we loved the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy). 

With emotive lyrics drawing from personal experiences, we figure RM and Sivan could write a heart wrenching song, with vocals from Sivan and Jungkook, plus a hard hitting rap from RM to drive all those feels home. 


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BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook has been an IU fanboy forever, mentioning her as his ideal type, and also covering a few of her songs, such as Good Day and Ending Scene. BTS also starred in an episode of Weekly Idol with the solo singer.

We reckon if they collaborated, BTS and IU would produce an unforgettable hit, that would be both poignant and whimsical.


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BTS’s cute juniors recently came back with the addictive Run Away / 9 and Three Quarters, and have been showcasing a more ‘pop’ sound compared to their agency seniors. We’d love to see both groups work together on a song (and we bet Jungkook’s fanboy Taehyun would be happy too!) , or do a medley of both their discographies. 

If they came out with a cute MV, similar to TVXQ and Super Junior’s 2005 single Show Me Your Love (we live for the cheese), would anyone really complain? 


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With the future of Big Bang up in the air following their own personal and Burning Sun scandals, Taeyang is the only member whose career in music is still ‘safe’. It’s no secret the boys of BTS are Big Bang fans, with Jungkook covering If You in King of Masked Singer, and him and V rocking out toBang Bang Bang, Eyes, Nose, Lips and If You for Mnet’s karaoke segment. 

We’d love to hear BTS and Taeyang create an RnB tune, whether it’s a heartfelt ballad like Eyes, Nose, Lips, or an early 2000’s throwback bop like I Need A Girl


What do you guys think? Who should BTS collaborate with next?

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