CIX presents a 2nd EP Album ‘HELLO’ Chapter 2, Hello, Strange Place

K-Pop group, CIX releases their 2nd EP album “HELLO Chapter 2. ‘Hello, Strange Place’” on November 19th, 2019 6:00PM KST.

The new project by the five-membered K-Pop group is an extension of their debut EP in July “HELLO Chapter 1. ‘Hello, Stranger’, as their storytelling continues under the theme of “HELLO”. On this EP album, the group touches on a sensitive yet a real subject amongst high school students in Korea, as a school as the “strange place”. Some of the controversial subjects include a school violence, a pressured education system, and teenagers’ lost hope.


The focus single ‘Numb’ is a Hip Hop-based dance track that represents the struggles of the youth of this generation, whose dreams have become lost and “numb” due to the various obstacles created by the current society and adults. Along with the powerful sound, the band also presents a unique and impactful choreography.

Along with the title single, each of the tracks in the album has its unique stories, starting with a powerful K-Pop track ‘Black Out’ to an empowering song ‘Maybe I’. A renowned producer MZMC joins again on the song production of the album, working with international producer/songwriters such as Styalz Fuego, Pink Slip, Anthony Russo, and more. The choreography was arranged by world’s best dance crew, Just Jerk.


As CIX continues to tell a story through their music and visuals, the band will also release a special epilogue video on December 4th.


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