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[Event Coverage] IU Falling in Love With Malaysia’s Weather & Ku-Aena

2019 marked as 1 of the greatest year out of this decade for Ku-Aenas (Kuala Lumpur’s Aenas) as after 11 years of waiting, finally IU has landed on Malaysia’s land last Saturday to perform for her fans for the 1st time. On that day, Axiata Arena filled with Ku-Aenas  who came from all over the country and also overseas. From our seat, we couldn’t spot any empty seats on every CATs in front of us.


The show started exactly at 7pm with IU singing to her first track from Love Poem Album, Unlucky and followed by Palette, Autumn Morning and Friday Night. Being a first-timer to IU concert, we were so amazed with his live singing skill even though the concert was just started for few minutes. After 2nd song, IU greeted her fans with “Apa Khabar” and thanked them with “Terima Kasih” for coming to her concert. She shared that since it was the first time she is here in Malaysia, she was so excited that she even did her hair beautifully and wear many hair pins to make her look good in front of the fans. While interacting with Ku-Aenas, IU mentioned how she loves the word “Ku-Aenas” for Malaysia’s fans very much. She said as she encountered many names given at every stop such as “SingAenas” for Singapore and “Ma-Aena” for Manila, She thinks “Ku-Aena” is the cutest of them all and she loved it alot.


After the warm greeting, the show continues with IU singing to more of her song from previous album like “Secret Garden”, “Visitor”, “Jam Jam”, “Twenty-three”, “BBIBBI” and many more. When IU started singing “Blueming”, Ku-Aenas raised the blue balloon up, fanchanting and sang along to the song with IU as part of the fanproject for Kuala Lumpur stop. The fan project was a success as IU highlighted later during the concert that she had been dreaming to have something that beautiful, but she never thought she would experience it at this concert in Kuala Lumpur.


On the 2nd half of the concert, IU came out after a VCR break to sing her cover of OST songs from her latest drama “Hotel Del Luna”. To make it more special for Ku-Aenas, IU sang “Can you see my heart” by Heize. IU mentioned that this is the 1st time she performed the song at the concert for this tour.

Throughout the concert, IU has made a lot of interaction and communication with Ku-Aenas in between her performance. She shared about her feeling for this tour, how she and her team were discussing on how to make this stop a memorable one and how excited her dancers and band to perform that day. She also interacted directly with some of Ku-Aenas that she noticed at the venue with few jokes that makes Ku-Aenas laughed a lot. Not only that, she also mentioned how much she loves Malaysia’s weather very much (rainy & sunny).


As the show runs towards the end, to wrap up her 3rd part of the concert IU casually requested Ku-Aenas to start shouting “Encore” 5 minutes after she went back to backstage to change her cloth after she sang “You & I”. And then after the break, she went back to the stage to sing her famous song, “Good Day” and “Love Poem” to end the Encore.


We felt sad that the show has ended after the Encore but not for long. As soon as IU walk to the backstage, Ku-Aenas started to shout “Encore” once again.  Some of the audience including us were quite confused at first and surprised that after few minutes, IU came back again to the stage for Re-Encore. IU sang “Leon”, “Someday”, “My Old Story” and ended the concert beautifully with last song “End of the day”.

We are happy that we could wrap up our decade with this beautiful concert. To be entertained by IU with more than 30 songs for 3 hours and a half, we couldn’t ask for more. It was such a great experience to see her amazing performance that been labeled as one of the best live performance out there. We agreed to many people’s saying that she “ate her cd album before performances”. We heard it a lot and we admit it. Here we would like to thank Galaxy Group a lot for inviting us and kudos for the great concert!

Photo : Galaxy Group

Check out some of the performance down here!

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