Lana Releases New Single “Make it Real”

Russian K-pop artist Lana (라나) has new music. Titled “Make it Real”, the single features themes of empowerment over trap soul beats, a gloomy piano and 808 bass. The song and is a change in style from her debut single “Take the Wheel”, which was released earlier this year in June.

Lana and her management team at HiCC Entertainment state that “Make it Real” is “not a comeback single”, but rather “a surprise gift to the Luminous fandom and everyone else that has supported Lana since her debut”.


“Make it Real” was first announced to the public on December 7 when Lana shared a link to the YouTube premier of the single’s lyric video, which also secretly included hidden images of the song’s official video. The full MV will be released on YouTube Tuesday, December 10 at 9:45PM Korea Standard Time and Lana will be on hand to participate in a live chat with fans.


Meanwhile, the digital single for “Make it Real” will be released on Melon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and other major services on Monday, December 16 at 12pm Korea Standard Time.

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