theQoos: All of Your Favorite Artists. All of Their Content. Everywhere You Go.

theQoos rocketed into the K-Pop universe on August 13th, 2019 and during the first week of the launch made the Top 40 list in the App Store.

theQoos is an application that pulls K-Pop content from thousands of sources into one simple to use application. Instead of surfing multiple social media applications and other news sources, users are able to follow their chosen artists and get a single, catered feed.


With the increased interest in K-Pop globally, theQoos set out to build an easy way for English speaking consumers to receive all of the latest news and updates from their favorite artists in a way that has never been done before. “Qoos” is a Korean term for someone who has an enthusiastic need and want for everything associated with their current obsession. Therefore, theQoos application is here to serve those needs and wants of the K-Pop fandom. The application pulls content from other major applications and media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, allkpop, Soompi, and so many more. Any site that covers or mentions K-Pop in some capacity, whether it’s official updates or the best fan-made content out there, theQoos app has it.

Besides one catered feed which includes updates from all of the artists a user follows, users are able to look at specific artist pages and only see their specific content. Artist pages include their discography, links to their music videos, all of their official social media channels, and every article and post that has been made about that specific idol(s). The people at theQoos Inc. pride themselves on making sure that this application is for the fans and by the fans, and in order to do that, they are always listening to what their users want. By holding multiple focus groups before and after its launch, interacting with fans via social media, and special market research, theQoos is able to identify all of the current needs of K-Pop fans around the world.


theQoos Inc. was established in February 2019 with offices in Seoul and New York City. The venture founders are composed of experienced members from KakaoSamsung Electronics and YG Entertainment USA, with the company having the financial backing by SK Group, South Korea’s third-largest conglomerate.

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