Amazer users can get a 1 on 1 coach with MOMOLAND!

Global k-pop video community Amazer launched “MOMOLAND dance class” with big hit idol MOMOLAND.

MOMOLAND is Korean famous k-pop idol which currently consists of 6 members : Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin and Nancy. They released various hit songs such as BBoom BBoom, BAAM, etc.

In this event, each member of MOMOLAND takes a guide video of their new song “Thumbs up” to amazer users and the members will coach the users directly by watching their video if they post their cover video.

The users can easily learn the choreography and shoot it with their friends by watching a guide video. To participate in this event, users upload the video through an amazer app taken by themselves. The due of this event is on January 22th(KST).

CEO Lee Eui-jung said, “We conducted a challenge with MOMOLAND by predicting the success of the Thumbs up through data analysis such as hashtags of K-pop cover videos. We are already doing our fourth collaboration with MOMOLAND. The successful conclusion of the past event has led to the planning of the MOMOLAND dance class again, which is already receiving hot reactions from global users”. 

Amazer is a global k-pop video community app. It connects global users and artists through music and it also contributed to expanding k-pop overseas expansion. It is a platform that produces more than 300 thousand contents and expanded services not only listen to music, but also it supports users to create their own content.

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