[Event Coverage] Eric Nam ‘Before We Begin’ in KL

Photo: Eric Nam’s Facebook

We rejoiced when Korean-American singer Eric Nam announced that he was adding Kuala Lumpur to his ‘Before We Begin’ tour, a year after his last visit to Malaysia.

Organised by Onion Productions, the concert was held at The Bee in Publika, after a venue swap from Zouk.

Eric kicked things off with ‘Come Through’, before launching into ‘Runaway’ and ‘Miss You’. We’re not joking when we say he ate the CD – his smooth vocals and steady falsetto had the crowd reeling.

Full of charm, the former After School Club host kept the crowd laughing throughout the night, with a running joke about how it wasn’t a concert, but a TED talk. At one point, he asked if it was anybody’s birthday, feigning frustration as the crowd shouted out dates that were not the 17th, yelling “That’s what I’m trying to do!” when someone shouted for him to sing Happy Birthday.

Photo: Eric Nam’s Facebook

At one point, it was so hot (literally and metaphorically) in the venue, that he sprayed the crowd with water – but made sure to warn everyone first, so they could put their valuables away.

The Atlanta-born singer got his groove on throughout the night with songs like ‘Potion’ and ‘You’re Sexy, I’m Sexy’, while also breaking hearts with ballads like ‘Wonder’ and ‘Hold Me’.

Fans went wild with hits like ‘Don’t Call Me’, ‘Cave Me In’ and ‘Congratulations’, crying out for an encore once upbeat break-up tune ‘Congratulations’ was over. Eric bounced back on stage, performing ‘Honestly’ and ‘Can’t Help Myself’, before the concert came to an end.

Come back soon Eric!

Photo: Eric Nam’s Facecbook

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