ONE HD January 2020 Programme Highlights


Romantic Doctor 2

Premieres January 7, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8.10PM

Teacher Kim (Han Suk Kyu) meets two new budding doctors on opposites of the spectrum of life – the optimistic Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) who has led a smooth-sailing and rosy life, and cynical Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop), who has experienced pain and hardship growing up. A story set in a small, humble hospital, watch the story unravel as the characters discover romance.


Farming Academy

PREMIERE 30 January, Thursday & Friday, 8.10pm

This light-hearted short series follows the dreams and friendships of students at the Farming Academy as they pursue a career path less travelled.



2019 SBS Entertainment Awards

Premieres 4 January, Saturday, 1pm

The 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards is an annual awards ceremony that honours the best of SBS entertainment series broadcasted on SBS Networks. From the crowd favourite ‘Running Man’ to lovable ‘Little Forest’ – who are the cast and crew members who will receive their rightful recognition this year?

2019 SBS Drama Awards

Premieres 5 January, Sunday, 1pm

The 2019 SBS Drama Awards is an annual awards shows featuring your favorite K-drama actors and actresses. With the slew of titles featuring compelling storylines and top-notch acting, competition is stiff as to which titles and artistes will bring home the awards this year.

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