One-Its still fight for X1 despite disbandment

As of 12PM KST this article is written, news outlets in South Korea are swarmed with news of One Its (X1 fandom) fighting for their idol, X1.

On January 6, CJ E&M posted a statement regarding the disbandment of the monster rookie group, X1, due to the lack of agreement between the agencies to push for the group’s future activities. Fans were bewildered with the decision because just the week before, CJ E&M made a public apology and promised to support X1’s promotion amidst the vote rigging controversy.

Since the announcement of the disbandment, X1 fans have made worldwide trends every day with hashtags demanding CJ E&M and the agencies to take responsibility for the members’ activities. Global and local fans have posted full-page advertisement at COEX and also sent LED truck protests to all the companies to voice their request for a possible rebooting of the group and also compensation for all the members.

The fandom’s latest effort as reported in the news is a mass protest in front of CJ E&M headquarters that will be happening this Wednesday, January 22. The protest is scheduled to be held for three hours.

Despite being a rookie, X1 that has made their debut in August 2019 had shown tremendous achievement in South Korea and international. Prior to debut, X1 made theirĀ BillboardĀ chart debut on the charts Social 50 and Emerging Artists at No. 6 and No. 11,making them the first Korean artists to land a spot on the Social 50 before they officially debuted.

X1 has sold over 500,000 physical copies of their EP in first week of sales, breaking the record for having the highest first week sales for a debut album. They have also topped iTunes charts in 19 countries and won 11 trophies in South Korean music shows.


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