SF9 Is Launching A Unique Challenge With Fans on amazer

The #1 globl K-POP cover dance app Amazer is hosting an event named “SF9 Dance Class”. It’s leading a dance coaching by SF9 for users who win on this event. Global users can participate in the event by uploading the cover dance video for a song ‘Good Guy’ which is a new song in 2020 by SF9. SF9 will pick 10 winners by themselves and give 1 on 1 dance coaching.

The event will run until 21st Jan in Korean time. It’s been 10 days after the official music video was released and 9 days after the event opened, and over 35 users already have participated. More users are expected to participate in four days.

A vote was held with the event under the theme “Who is likely to call the user name most from the #SF9DanceClass?”. Users will be able to enjoy the event twice as much as watching the dance coaching video to see if their expectations were right or not.

SF9 got the 1st place on a music show for the first time yesterday in Korean time with the song ‘Good Guy’ since they debut. The CEO Eui Joong, Lee. said “We’ll do our best with SF9 to turn the K-pop into an interactive genre, so more and more people could enjoy that.“

On the other hand, #DanceClass is the unique event of Amazer and has been held with many KPOP artifacts, including MOMOLAND, ASTRO, JIHOON PARK, AB6IX, and Golden Child. The point ”K-pop Idol give a 1 on 1 coaching.” seems to be stimulating fans and making good achievement.


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