Why More South Koreans are Flocking to Greece

Europe has always been a very attractive prospect to South Korean travelers who wish to come and explore famous cities like Berlin, London and Paris, but in recent years we have seen a huge spike in South Koreans visiting Greece. The numbers have been rising year on year and last year alone there were 1.65 million South Koreans who visited Greece and her islands, up almost 200,000 on the previous year and up 550,000 on 2016. So what is it about Greece which is bringing more South Koreans to its shores? Let’s take a look.



Much was made of the problems that Greece previously had some years ago here in Asia and that had a big impact on the level of tourism, for South Koreans and other nationalities too. South Koreans in particular like to spend their money going to place which they know will be worth their while and that was part of the reason why Korean travel to Greece diminished. Greece has bounced back from these issues and that has instilled more faith amongst Koreans that they will have a great vacation here.


Low Cost


The prices of flights between Seoul and Athens in particular have fallen sharply in the last 5 years which is also a contributory factor in the rise of tourism from this corner of the world. On average a flight between the two cities used to cost in the region of $900 USD, whereas at the moment those prices are closer to $700. Hotels too have greatly reduced in price and you can book online today for a fraction of what hotel prices used to cost.


Doing it For The Gram


It is fair to say that South Koreans love their social media activity and are directly inspired to beef up their Instagram profile with some gorgeous photos of worldwide destinations. One of the big pulls for South Koreans visiting Europe to head to Greece are the ‘Gram’ worthy landscapes of islands like Santorini and Mykonos, with those lush whitewashed houses, blue roofs and sea views. Koreans can’t wait to show their friends these beautiful views and hence why more are opting for a trip to Greece during their time in Europe.


Richness of the History


In the last 10 years we have seen something of a renaissance of Greek history through movies such as Troy and Sparta and that has kick-started a new found interest in the country. Many South Koreans are self-confessed aficionados when it comes to European history and that is another reason why so many are fascinated by the Ancient Greeks. History buffs from South Korea head to Greece every year to discover more about the country and to visit its popular tourist attractions such as the Acropolis and Delos.


This year, we once again expect to see more and more South Koreans visit Greece and her islands, will you be one of them?

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