5 Korean Couples That Are Totally #RelationshipGoals

What do an ex-con, a hologram, a North Korean military officer, a policeman and student-turned-comic-book-character have in common? They all love love.


As our social media feeds overflow with all things romance this week, the Korean dramas ruling our hearts also make us wonder why our love life doesn’t have a pre-programmed story arc that ends with Park Seo-joon catching us in slow motion while melodramatic music plays in the background.


While we know that this will never happen IRL, let us fuel your happily-ever-after fantasy with these 5 korean couples that are totally #relationshipgoals.


1. Itaewon Class

Image Courtesy of Netflix


Starring Korean heartthrob Park Seo-Joon, meet Itaewon Class’ Park Saeroi, a high school misfit known for his one-man-against-the-world attitude who lands himself in prison after seeking justice for his father. Two years and eight months later, Saeroi is released early on good behaviour, and the first place he goes to is Itaewon to find his first love O Su-a, played by Kwon Na-ra, where he decides to settle down and open up his restaurant, Danbam.


Fast forward to seven years later, a new love interest sets her sights on winning Saeroi’s heart by turning him —a nobody—into someone great however to no avail. Although they are leading completely different lives and ten years have passed, Saeroi’s heart is still fixated upon his first love, Su-a. Talk about a man with loyalty!


Fuelled by stubborn, crazy youngsters, find out more about the madness that goes on in Itaewon HERE


2. My Holo Love

Image Courtesy of Netflix


Nextgen rom-com queen, Ko Sung-hee, plays So-yeon, a lonely woman who suffers from face blindness. She becomes the first beta tester for Holo – an AI-powered hologram also played by Yoon Hyun-min – that is visible only when wearing special glasses. Holo is capable of averting any danger, has limitless intelligence, and is especially kind after learning everything there is to know about human emotions.


Holo is a perfect being who shows up whenever So-yeon needs him. Can someone really find love with artificial intelligence? If he’s anything like Holo, sign us up!


3. Crash Landing On You

Image Courtesy of Netflix


Starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, Crash Landing On You is a love story of an oddly-matched couple. Yun Se-ri, a beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, is swept up by a wind storm and accidentally crashes in North Korean territory while paragliding. She meets North Korean military officer Ri Jeong-hyeok, and the story that unfolds will remind you why forbidden love can make you risk losing everything for a chance to be together.


P/S: Hyun Bin shoulders are a definite #boyfriendshouldergoals.


4. When The Camellia Blooms

Image Courtesy of Netflix


When The Camellia Blooms stars Gong Hyo‑jin as Dongbaek, an orphan who grows up to become a single mom and owner of a small bar, also called ‘Dongbaek’, which means Camellia in English. Her life takes a new turn after meeting Yongsik, a do-gooder police officer from their little town. Despite social stigma against single parenthood, they fall in love. Yongsik, having been raised by a single mom himself, understands Dongbaek’s challenges and embraces her dearly.


We can’t imagine being in Yongsik’s shoes, but we’re pretty sure it isn’t easy raising a child and running a business all by herself. Her relationship with Dongbaek reminds us that love can bloom anywhere – as long as you’re open to it.


5. Extraordinary You

Image Courtesy of Netflix


Kim Hye-Yoon stars as Eun Dan-O, a high school student who discovers that she is actually a minor character dying from heart failure in a manga, Secret, just like everybody else at her school. Stunned that her world is all under the authority of an omniscient writer, she decides to change her own narrative and find her one true love. Enter Student #13, played by Rowoon, who saves Dan-O from falling down the school stairs. Her heart flutters and she sets out to find the boy who saved her life.


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