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Delight in Dewy Glowing Skin

Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone up Cream

The beautiful blooming of cherry blossoms announce the arrival of Spring in Jeju. innisfree has harnessed the power of Jeju cherry leaf extracts to create the Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone up Cream.

The tone up cream works to create a natural, brightening effect, bringing out a dewy glow from within your skin. It also contains natural betaine, derived from beets, that creates a moisture barrier to protect from dehydration. #BlossomToneUp

Jeju Cherry Blossom Skincare Routine :
Skin ➡️ Lotion / Jelly Cream ➡️ Tone up Cream ➡️ Suncare

Price : RM 90.00 / 50ml



Jeju Cherry Blossom Edition

The annual Jeju Color Picker project was created to showcase and celebrate the vibrant colours of Jeju Island through its makeup collection. This year, innisfree Jeju Color Picker has been inspired by the colours of the Jeju cherry blossom tree that blooms in spring.

From bloom to fall, matte to glitter, this Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palette captures it all. The nine harmonious shade are picked from the life cycle of the cherry blossom bulb. They are prepared for everything from a sweet, everyday look to a loud, special occasion. It’s formula is lightweight, buildable, and non creasing with lightweight, buildable, and non creasing with a high colour payoff.

Price : RM 115.00 / 9 shades (8.5g)


Cherry Blossom No Sebum Mineral Powder

This powder prevents your skin from getting greasy due to sweat or moisture. This version is formulated with light pink pearl powder that adjusts and brightens your skin tone by reflecting light. It also captures the pleasant scent of Jeju cherry blossoms with no artificial fragrance added.

Price : RM 28.00 / 6g


Cherry Blossom Luminizer

Finish your makeup look with a natural, dewy blooming glow. This multipurpose highlighter is formulated with a clear base and a highly reflective smooth pearl pigment. It has a bouncy and buttery soft formula for even and seamless application.

Price : RM 46.00 / 5g


Cherry Blossom Lip Tinted Stick

Bring a little bit of Jeju cherry blossom with you wherever you go with the Cherry Blossom Lip Tinted Stick. Its watery smooth formula glides on comfortably, giving you a weightless, dewy radiance on the lips. It has a super slim, petal shaped tip for seamless and precise application. It has been formulated with castor seed oil for a vibrant finish and long lasting staying power.

Price : RM 36.00 / 0.85g


Cherry Blossom Nail Set

Complete your cherry blossom look with this long wear, iridescent and pearl nail polish duo Cherry Blossom Nail Set. Their triple care formula with calcium, argan oil and tangerine oil that nourishes and protects nails from damage. The new base formula provides longer lasting and vibrant application. This nail set includes cherry blossom themed nail stickers for an extra pop of fun!

Price : RM 42.00 / 6ml x 2 & Sticker 1 piece)


2020 S/S

My Palette Glow Collection

innisfree is excited to add new products to our ever-expanding My Palette series. Our Limited Edition Spring Summer My Palette Glow Collection is designed so that you can find the glow that’s just right for you.


My Glow Case

The Glow collection comes with two holographic limited edition My Palette cases.

Price : RM32.00 / each


Bija Cica Mist

Calm your stressed skin with innisfree Bija Cica Mist. This mist is formulated with cica hydration with concentrated high purity centella asiatica 4 X and bija oil Its micro capsule delivers cica hydration effectively to rebalance the skin’s water oil level. This product provides comforting care, excellent for acne prone, or dehydrated oily skin.

Beauty tip : Spray the mist onto an appropriate amount of Bija Cica Balm and mix it before application to help fill the skin with cica hydration.

Price : RM 72.00 / 80 ml


Brush Cleaning Pad & Holder

This Brush Cleaning Pad Holder make the perfect pair. Silicone cleansing pad is armed with different types of grooves to ensure every brush is thoroughly cleaned, no matter the bristle length or density. Its partner, the brush holder, is equipped with 30 different holders to securely hold any brush when it is not in use or needs to dry.

Price : RM 35

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