VAV Grand America Tour in Dallas was Nothing but Love!

Dallas, Texas
South Side Music Hall
February 21st, 2020

VAV (Very Awesome Voice) is a 7-member South Korean boy group formed by A Team Entertainment, consisting of members St.Van, Ace, Baron, Ayno, Ziu, Lou, and Jacob. The group debuted on November 2nd, 2015 with their EP “Under The Moonlight” and up to date have accumulated over 100 million views from their music on YouTube! In 2018, VAV were nominated at the 7th Thailand Daradaily Awards and won The Best PerformanA Tece Award. After performing in Dallas for their first US tour in 2019 titled “Meet & Live Tour”, VAV returned to Dallas to see Vampz on their second US tour!

VAV took the stage at 8:00 p.m. and performed their most popular title tracks “Poison”, “Flower(You)”, “Dance With Me Tonight”, “Thrilla Killa”, “Gorgeous”, and “ABC (Middle of the night).

“I traveled from Hilo, Hawaii to see VAV! This is my very first concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been looking forward to this night for months. I first saw VAV on YouTube with their song Poison and I instantly fell in love. They have such great personalities, so freaking talented, and so freaking cute!! I’m also really shocked at how I’m friendly other Vampz are, I’ve already made so many friends in line and I’m even more thankful to VAV for helping me make more friends.” – Angelica Rann (19) Hilo, Hawaii

“I got to see VAV last year in Dallas and I’m so thankful that they came back! They said they would be back but I didn’t expect it to be so soon, after how amazing and kind the members were last time I knew I had to be back for another time! They’re crazy talented and unbelievably underrated, I hope to see VAV continue to grow as artists and I hope their success and popularity grows with it!” – Megan Hidalgo (22) Dallas, Texas

VAV then had some fun with their audience, and picked random fans to come to the stage for some fun fan interaction! The fans formed a line on stage and each got to pick a random paper from a cup, which had what type of interaction they would get written on the paper.

Michelle – group photo with all members taken on her personal phone
Tiana – voice recording with member of her choice on her personal phone
Alice – dance battle
Mickey – good morning call on her personal phone
Julie – aegyo video on her personal phone
Adeline – eye contact with member of her choice for 30 seconds

VAV then performed “Senorita”, “Give Me More”, “Runway”, “Spotlight”, “She’s Mine”, and “You Taught Me Better”. Wrapping up for the night, the members talked to the audience about how thankful they were to be in Dallas again, and that they will be back to perform for Vampz. The members then directed the audience to get ready for a video, which had the members yelling “We love Dallas fans!” and the audience responded “We love VAV!”.

VAV then performed an encore of “Give Me More” and wrapped up the show with confetti cannons and smoke filling up the stage.

K-popped! would like to thank Studio PAV for bringing VAV back to Dallas, Texas for “VAV GRAND AMERICA TOUR”! You can find more details of ticket prices and perks for the show below!

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