Why Korean Visitors Love Vacationing on Mykonos

Koreans love to travel and see new places. They are typically open to discovering new adventures, particularly if those adventures are enjoyed by other groups already.. For this reason you’ll find many Koreans vacationing at some of those popular Western destinations. For instance if you go to the big cities in Europe like London, Paris, Rome, or even Stockholm oh, you might be surprised at the amount of Korean visitors that these places host year round.

Additionally Koreans love to visit areas of warmer climate during the winter. They have a preference for southern Europe when they choose destinations outside of Asia. The reasons are multiple, but some of the most probably are the fact that southern Europe has some of the most popular destinations anywhere, and this area can accommodate the most discerning Korean travelers.


During the summer months the area around the Mediterranean Sea is extremely popular with travelers who come from all over the world and a growing number of these tourists come from Korea. As mentioned, Koreans tend to visit the most popular Mediterranean destinations that include the cities of the South of France, the Italian Riviera, Sicily and increasingly the Greek Island Mykonos.


Here are a few reasons why Mykonos is becoming a first choice among Korean tourists heading to the Mediterranean.


The Privacy

Unlike many of the major Mediterranean destinations, Mykonos is not overrun with tourists. The beaches are plentiful, and not overrun and when you come here you can enjoy the island’s amenities without having to wait. This means no long waits at the best restaurants or being turned away at attractions.


You can also find great hotels like Adorno Suites Hotel which has its own private beach and lots of activities on site. You can order room service anywhere in the hotel, book your sightseeing tours with the concierge and even order in-room massages at your leisure. You can book your hotel in Mykonos here.


The People

Mykonos has a small but beautiful Island in the south of Greece that sits in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It has been a primary stopping point I wore high and visitors, for more than two thousand years. Over that time, the local people have grown accustomed to accommodating visitors. When Koreans visit Mykonos, they can expect welcoming locals who are excited to have them on the island. The locals understand that Koreans might not speak English well, but that they are happy to make new friends and to learn about the history of the island.


The Beauty

Mykonos is an island of white sand beaches and beautiful sights abound. You can take a walking sightseeing tour and view all of the ancient city sights that cover the island. There are monuments to the Greek Gods and examples of ancient cities. Bring the entire family to learn about the history of Greece and how this important society still impacts the world today.


The Watersports

Mykonos excels in watersports. Whether you love scuba, snorkeling, swimming Jet Skiing, or all of the above, there are great options on Mykonos. You can also charter a sail or motored yacht and cruise around the island or to neighboring islands to enjoy lunch or shopping. And speaking of shopping Mykonos has some of the best in the Mediterranean.


For Koreans looking for a new adventure in one of the most sought after vacation areas in the world, Mykonos delivers.

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