Experience Movie Madness This May

New and Exciting Programmes on Oh!K

With social distancing measures in place and everyone encouraged to stay home this season, it’s easy to feel bored when everyday feels seemingly similar and mundane. But do not worry, WarnerMedia is here to keep you company with a host of great line-ups across its channel just for you. With the month of May around the corner, keep an eye out for more amazing series across Oh!K (Astro Ch 394).


Two New Korean Series on Oh!K

Two new Korean dramas premiere on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) this May! Follow a team of doctors as they chase aspirations, navigate tensions and foster relationships in General Hospital 2. New episodes air every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.50pm from 5 May. Imagine if your old boss becomes your new intern! Catch the drama in Kkondae Intern, a new express drama showing within 24 hours of Korea every Thursday and Friday at 7.50pm from 21 May.


General Hospital 2

Premieres 5 May, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at 7.50pm on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394)

The sequel to the original hit drama continues 12 years later. Follow Jung Ha Yoon, an aspiring medical malpractice litigation officer, and her a group of fellow doctors as they mature in their careers while juggling their personal aspirations and challenges. The drama focuses on the camaraderie, tensions and relationships the group develops as they uphold their duties to their patients. Stars Cha Tae-Hyun, Kim Jung-Eun, Lee Jae-Ryong, Koh Joon-Hee, Ryu Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok.


Kkondae Intern

Premieres 21 May, Thursdays and Fridays, at 7.50pm oh Oh!K (Astro Ch 394)

Ka Yeol-Chan is the successful Chief of Sales and Marketing at a ramen company. One day, his department employs a senior age intern, who turns out to be Yeol-Chan’s previous rigid and old school boss from his previous company who made his life difficult in the past. Now they must work together, although the tables have now turned. Stars Park Hae Jin Kim Eung Soo Park Ki Woong.

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