Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Kingdom Season 2

It’s been over a year since we last encountered the intriguing horrors that Kingdom Season 1 had to offer. As the ending left us hanging, we’ve all been waiting with growing anticipation for Kingdom Season 2, now streaming on Netflix. Here’s a 3-minute read on what went down in the first season before you huddle up with Crown Prince Lee Chang and his squad. 


Check out the video recap and a quick ‘Who’s Who 101’ from the Kingdom cast below to get you up to speed:

Who’s Who In Hanyang


Crown Prince Lee Chang

On top of having to deal with his father becoming a zombie, Prince Lee Chang also has to deal with false accusations of treason by the corrupt Minister Jo Hak-Ju. Despite wanting the best for his kingdom, he is constantly being challenged by both the impending zombie apocalypse and the ruin of his government. Luckily, the help of his newfound companions brings him hope to save Hanyang from a bleak future. 


Minister Jo Hak-Ju

The corrupt and cruel prime minister of Hanyang, Minister Jo Hak-Ju proves himself to be a formidable foe of Prince Lee Chang and a serious threat to the political situation of Hanyang. He ultimately wants to rule Hanyang along with Queen Jo, his daughter, and the one person standing in their way is none other than Prince Lee Chang. 



The apprentice of the physician who revived the king, Seo-Bi was the one who tried her best to look for a cure to the zombie disease. Thanks to her bravery, she discovers the source of the plague as well as a possible way to annihilate the zombies and free their kingdom from an apocalypse. 



Personal aide to Prince Lee Chang, Mu-Yeong is completely dedicated to the task of guarding the prince, even if that means leaving his pregnant wife behind in Hanyang. As loyalties are tested, Mu-Yeong remains a faithful follower of Prince Lee Chang as he continues to worry about his wife. 



After witnessing some villagers get infected with the zombie disease, the enigmatic Yeong-Shin joins Prince Lee Chang in his fight against the zombies. He is a great addition to the team as he is a skilled fighter due to his background in the military in the special tiger-hunting unit. His true motives are currently unknown. 


Queen Jo

Being the daughter of Minister Jo Hak-Ju, she was married off to the king. While she is underestimated due to her youth, she is just as dangerous as her father, as seen in her plot to produce an heir to the throne to overthrow Prince Lee Chang. 

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