4 Sides Of Woo Do-Hwan That Stole The Spotlight In The King: Eternal Monarch

There’s no escaping Woo Do-hwan’s charms!

If you’ve managed to evade Woo Do-hwan’s charm thus far, you HAVE to watch him in The King: Eternal Monarch. The drama is about half-way through and Woo Do-hwan becomes more and more lovable with every episode! Woo Do-hwan portrays Commander Jo Yeong, Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho)’s best friend and bodyguard, in the Kingdom of Corea. In the Republic of Korea, the actor portrays Jo Eun-seop who is fulfilling his military service as a public service worker. Whichever character he is acting as, Woo Do-hwan never fails to captivate viewers. Check out moments where Woo Do-hwan certainly shined in the spotlight with his dual roles below!


  1. Stalwart

Jo Yeong’s No. 1 priority is Lee Gon and it’s obvious when you see how serious Woo Do-hwan looks. While a bodyguard role can easily come off as one-dimensional, Woo Do-hwan avoids that common pitfall and just looks so damn fine. Jo Yeong is loyal, reliable, and truly cares for Lee Gon.

Always vigilantly watching over the emperor and always handsome.


  1. Sassy

While Jo Yeong has no choice but to follow Emperor Lee Gon’s orders, that doesn’t mean he can’t get away with being a bit sassy. Having been friends since childhood, Jo Yeong doesn’t hold back smart quips when the occasion calls for it.

Jo Yeong: You should hurry. You might be late.
Lee Gon: How long have you been standing there?
Jo Yeong: Do you really want to know?


  1. Bromantic

Woo Do-hwan oozes charisma on his own, but when he’s with Lee Min-ho? It’s a recipe for surefire bromantic chemistry. Woo Do-hwan deftly showcases different types of bromances as Jo Yeong and Jo Eun-seop. Jo Yeong often gets teased by Lee Gon while Jo Eun-seop is naive and easily won over.


  1. Adorable

There’s a lot of stud appeal to Jo Yeong, but Woo Do-hwan shows he’s more than just his good looks — he’s cute too! Jo Eun-seop is simply put, an adorable and harmless goofball. His thick Busan dialect couple with his cute, carefree charm makes for a delightful presence.


Stay tuned because there’s more Woo Do-hwan to look forward to with next week’s episode! There’ll be more hijinks to enjoy with Jo Yeong and Jo Eun-seop. Looks like Kang Sin-jae will grapple with his birth secret. Meanwhile, Lee Gon and Lee Lim will start their battle against one another. There’s also a lot of romance to look forward to as Lee Gon asks Jeong Tae-eul if she can live in his world with him! Don’t miss out because the plot is getting juicy!

The King: Eternal Monarch is available on Netflix with weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10.30pm MYT.


Images Courtesy of Netflix

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