(G)I-DLE’s Oh My God is the Most Covered K-pop Song Around the World in April

According to the global K-pop fandom app ‘Amazer’, (G)I-DLE’s ‘Oh My God’ ranked No. 1 as the most cover danced K-Pop song in April.

Returning with a unique concept, (G)I-DLE’s “Oh My God” successfully wrapped up its promotion, gaining huge popularity in Korea and abroad. Not only song but also choreography were loved so much that it topped the cover dance chart.

Apink’s “Dumhdurum” came in second. With its addictive melody and distinctive point choreography, many cover videos are being uploaded, especially in European countries.

Third place was “NOT BY THE MOON” by GOT7 with attractive groovy choreography.

In fourth and fifth places, CHUNG HA’s “Stay Tonight” and Solar’s “Spit it out“ rose, respectively. Both songs are being uploaded quickly as soon as it was released.

Amazer is a global #1 K-pop cover dance & fandom app, that is loved by not only the world’s top cover dancers and creators, but also by K-pop fans. The app collaborated with various K-POP artists, including MONSTA X, MOMOLAND, Steve Aoki, ASTRO, AB6IX, and much more.

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