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Brightening Pore

Reduce the appearance of blemishes with the all-new Brightening Pore range. These high performance products contain high concentrations of active ingredients for effective and efficient #AllBlemishCare.

When used daily, this range can help care for all your blemishes and treat the underlying problems of your skin. Noticeable results can be seen as early as 4 weeks from initial application.

The key ingredients that make this range so effective are Jeju Hallabong Peel extract, extracted through ultrasonic waves, that works to firm and clear the skin, and a well-balanced combination of the Triple Vitamin Derivatives which provides a powerful brightening effect.


Brightening Pore Serum

The star of this line is the Brightening Pore Serum, a high-performance daily serum formulated to provide All Blemish Care. It contains a powerful synergistic effect of 10.1% concentration of triple vitamin (B3, C, B5) derivatives and Jeju Hallabong peel extracts for an excellent brightening effect in just 4 weeks. This #ABCDailySerum has been clinically* proven to help you achieve brighter, clearer skin.

Its watery formula contains hyaluronic acid that helps to deliver hydration without leaving stickiness. The innovative auto dropper helps disperse a standard amount with each application for an optimised delivery every time.

Price: RM158.00 / 30ml


Brightening Pore Spot Treatment

Coats the skin with a protective layer to provide intensive care for particularly problematic areas. The moist formula absorbs firmly onto skin, coating it with an extra layer to keep the active ingredients on the surface for a long time.

How To Use :
1. Apply a thick layer of the spot treatment on areas with visible blemishes.
2. For faster brightening result, mix it with the Serum in a 1:1 ratio and apply all over the face.

Price: RM126.00 / 30ml


Brightening Pore Facial Cleanser

This creamy and moist foam cleanser removes impurities effectively and clears pores thoroughly while leaving the skin hydrated long after cleansing.

Price: RM46.00 / 150ml


Brightening Pore Skin

This soothing toner helps to tighten pores and reveal clear and healthy skin. Its lightweight formula is absorbed quickly into the skin, instantly replenishing it with hydration. When your skin needs to be
soothed, you can soak cotton pads with this product and apply it as a hydrating facial pack.

Price: RM112.00 / 150ml


Brightening Pore Priming Cream

This priming cream smoothly glides onto skin, instantly blurring the appearance of pores. It provides rich, firming hydration that wraps the skin with a silky, soft finish.

Price: RM126.00 / 50ml


Brightening Pore Sleeping Mask

Make the most of your beauty sleep with this overnight mask. It has a hydrating gel formula and white capsules that help to build a moisture barrier overnight so you wake up to brighter, clearer, and smoother skin.

Price: RM90.00 / 100ml


No-Sebum Mineral Powder Mentos Edition

It’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder’s 14th anniversary! In celebration, innisfree is collaborating with Mentos to create six limited edition innisfree x Mentos No-Sebum Mineral Powders.

These six designs inspired by Mentos candies carry their delightful fruity scents too! Choose your “flavourite” from mint, peach, lemon, grape, cherry, and melon.

No-Sebum Mineral Powder contains naturally-derived minerals from Jeju Island as well as mint ingredients. It helps to soak up excess sebum and regulate the skin’s oil-water balance for a fresh-feeling and healthy complexion you can enjoy all day.

#innisfreeXmentos #StayFresh #NoSebum #NoSebumMentosEdition

Price: RM28.00/ 5g

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