Sweet Munchies : A love triangle built upon a lie

Sweet Munchies is a 12-episode romance drama starring Jung Il-woo (Haechi, Cinderella with Four Knights, Moon Embracing the Sun), Kang Ji-young (Member of Idol Group KARA) & Lee Hak-joo (The World of the Married, Be Melodramatic, Tong Memories). This is a romantic comedy about a love triangle in which a man and a woman fight over the same man.

Jin-sung (Jung Il-woo) is a passionate chef and the owner of BISTRO72, a small restaurant where people stop by for late night drinks and food. Ah-jin (Kang Ji-young) is a contract employee under a cable network, and she is one of the customers at BISTRO72 finding comfort in Jin-sung’s food after a long day’s work. One day, Jin-sung gets scammed out of money and is on the verge of closing down his business. Meanwhile, Ah-jin comes up with her last project before the end of her contract: a talk show where a gay chef fixes midnight snack. To earn money for his father’s medical fee and to revive his restaurant, Jin-sung ends up posing as a gay chef to join the show. Contrary to all the low expectations, Ah-jin’s pilot show is a great hit and gets an official season order. As the show goes on, Ah-jin starts to have feelings for the supposed “gay” Jin-sung while Tae-wan (Lee Hak-joo), the designer sponsoring the show, also grows a crush on Jin-sung.

This drama is Jung Il-woo’s first drama in a year since the highly rated <Haechi>. He recently showcased his cooking skills through variety show <Convenience Store Restaurant>. With his candid words and marvellous culinary skills, his character is expected to receive great love from viewers. As her first leading role in a Korean drama, Kang Ji-young will charm viewers with the role of a passionate temporary variety producer who has been working hard towards the goal of making her producing debut. Lee Hak-joo, who is currently starring in the newest hit drama <The World of the Married>, will be making a remarkable transformation in this drama as the popular designer who does an impressive job of dazzling customers’ hearts.

The three actors displayed an astonishing chemistry as they became one with their characters. This is a drama that not only shows their special romance, but also fills people’s hungry stomachs and hearts with delicious snacks and relatable stories at the end of an exhausting day.

Ironically, people only realize the importance of something after they lose it. The drama <Sweet Munchies> shows how a man who thought one harmless lie in return for a pay check wouldn’t hurt anybody, but ends up driving away the woman he loves and also hurting the man who falls in love with him. Only after he is close to losing everything does he realize what’s truly important to him. This drama portrays how young people in despair find the true meaning of life. This romantic comedy comes from the writer of <A Man Called God> & the producer of <King 2 Hearts>.

Sweet Munchies will premiere on K-PLUS starting 26 May 2020, Tuesday at 9.15pm SGT. New episodes will air weekly on every Tuesday & Wednesday at 9.15pm SGT.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, DENSTV, Astro GO, SKY Cable, MAXstream

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