Give your buds a stylish protective case with our all new Galaxy Buds Case

Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ are awesome wireless listening buds with a sleek and pocketable slim design, made for people who are always on the go. To keep it fun and scratch-free, Samsung has designed 18 iconic Galaxy Buds Cases with different characters from Disney, Marvel, Universal Studio LLC, BT21, Line, and Kakao Friends. This collaboration is the first of its kind on a Samsung wearable technology.

Aside from looking good on the outside and keeping in line with innovation hacks, these new cases have a special feature to transform your Galaxy phone themes to match the casing itself! Once it is done, the content and theme will be applied to your phone’s lock screen, home screen, and icons.

Method of installation of the Galaxy Friend special theme to match your phone:

  1. Smartphone ‘Setting’ > ‘Connection’ > Turn on ‘NFC and payment’.
  2. Tag the bottom of the Galaxy Friends Case close to the back of your Galaxy mobile.
  3. Tagging takes only 4-5 seconds and the new Galaxy Friends theme will be installed automatically.

       *(Devices that do not support Galaxy Friends will connect to the web browser.)


Pimp up your Galaxy buds with these new cases to suit your style icon! Check out the PWP promotions below:

Purchase of Galaxy Buds+ Purchase from Samsung… Get Galaxy Buds Case
Any colour Galaxy Buds+ at RRP RM 599 E-Store FREE GALAXY BUDS CASE*
Any colour Galaxy Buds+ at RRP RM 599 Samsung Experience Stores

(Retail Stores)

Any colour Galaxy Buds+ at RRP RM 599 Samsung Partner Program Platinum

(Retail Stores)


* FREE Galaxy Buds Case design in “DISNEY’s Evil Queen” “GP-R170HITOJWA” only.


To find out more about the new Galaxy Buds Cases or to purchase at the Samsung e-store, please click the link here.

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