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JOOX IDOL STATION Brings K-pop Sensations NU’EST and ONF Closer to Their Fans

  • June 23: Watch ONF’s first dance battle
  • June 30 & July 14: Meet and greet ONF and Baekho@NU’EST at the live chat sessions (with instant translated subtitles)

NU’EST and ONF, two of the hottest and most captivating K-pop boy bands today, never fail to burn the dance floor wherever they go! Do you miss watching them singing, grooving and blasting their way into your eyes and ears, dancing to the rhythm of your hearts? JOOX, Asia’s most dedicated streaming platform, is bringing them straight to the palm of your hands through IDOL STATION, the first-ever JOOX-produced K-pop program!

IDOL STATION is the K-pop lovers’ ultimate dream show, giving fans a roster of emerging K-Pop ‘oppas,’ including NU’EST and ONF. Sit back and let your favorite ‘oppas’ exude their extraordinary charm, giving you unforgettable music entertainment moments via their exclusive performances and live chat sessions with instant subtitles in English and Chinese at Malaysia by storm!

Not only will these hot acts entertain you like no one else can, with groove-driven segments such as Baekho@Nu’est birthday party and ONF’s dance battle, the boys of NU’EST and ONF also want to know more about your love for them by engaging on exclusive live chat sessions with their fans on JOOX. What’s even more exciting is that how you can directly interact with your idols by showing them your support with gifts and coins!

NU’EST is a South Korean boy band formed in 2012. The group consists of five members: JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren. Kim Jong-hyun, also known by his stage name JR (Junior Royal), is the team leader.

ONF, pronounced as On and Off, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2017. The group is composed of six members: Hyojin, E-Tion, J-US, Wyatt, MK and U. ONF is divided into two teams. The ON team and the OFF team each have three members. The ON team leader is Hyojin and the OFF team leader is J-US.



ArtistDate (Tue)Time
ONF23/6, 30/6*, 7/7, 21/7Malaysia: 8:30pm
Baekho @ NU’EST14/7*

*A 30-min live chat session will be scheduled 


Can’t get enough of K-pop? Prepare to meet your new idols as Bang Si-Hyuk, founder of Big Hit Entertainment and BTS, presents I-LAND, a new-concept blockbuster program! With an official song premiered on June 19 and performed by one of Korea’s brightest stars IU, 20+ international male idol trainees will be competing for your hearts and minds in this spectacular show with a total production cost of USD14 million and held in the largest studio in Korean entertainment history, airing exclusively on JOOX starting in late June!

Stay tuned to JOOX as it continues to bring more exciting live concert programs to their fans!

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