Sik-K Releases the Official Music Videos for Single ‘Tell Ya!’ and ‘Darling’

Sik-K has unveiled the combined short film music video for his two singles “TELL YA!” and the title track “Darling” from his second full album, HEADLINER.

WATCH NOW through H1GHR Music official YouTube channel :


On 11th June, Sik-K has released second LP “HEADLINER”, featuring Crush on the title track, ‘DARLING’.

Not long after topping 1st place on local music charts with the ‘GANG Official Remix‟ Sik-K is releasing new albums without rest. Sik-K has already released two singles and an EP this year alone but he‟s not done yet.

Sik-K will prove himself as a rapper on a whole „nother level with his second LP ‘HEADLINER. Rapper Sik-K has made a quick return to the scene with his second official LP.

The new album, “HEADLINER”, consists of 10 tracks in total including the title track ‘DARLING(Feat. Crush)’, ‘NEW LOVE’, ‘SHE’S GONE’, ‘ADDY(Feat. MOON)’, ‘TOO PICKY’, ’12:45′, ‘NIRVANA’, ‘BAE’, ‘IBTFY(Feat. pH-1)’, and ‘TELL YA!’

Representing pop-like melodies with the mood changes of diverse emotions, the second album captures organic messages in each song quoting from Jean Paul Richter‟s famous “Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell.”

Notably, the short film music video of the pre-released track ‘TELL YA!’ and the title track ‘DARLING’ have released with the album on the H1GHR Music YouTube channel.

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