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[EXCLUSIVE] New series, TWOgether with Lee Seunggi and Jasper Liu, premiers June 26 on Netflix

K-Popped! had the opportunity to be part of the press conference held on 25th June 2020 for the new travelogue series, TWOgether, which as reported earlier, will air on Netflix beginning this Friday, 26th June 2020. Lee Seunggi, Jasper Liu and the programme directors (PDs) were in attendance to share their thoughts on bringing the series to life!

It soon became clear that both Seunggi and Jasper had built a nice camaraderie over the period in which they shot the series TWOgether, with both of them chuckling over their shared memories during the filming process and opinions of one another despite the language barrier.

PDs, Seunggi and Jasper during the online press conference
Serious faces when responding to questions from the media during the online press conference.

TWOgether came about with TWO-representing 2 strangers from differing backgrounds working together to traverse unfamiliar places and try new paths, and Gether-representing both Seunggi and Jasper having to work together to find their fans. The showrunners wanted the travelogue to be slightly different from other series and hence, the idea to include the search for fans.

“We weren’t being purposefully difficult (and Jasper admits it was more “fun” than “difficult”) but wanted Seunggi and Jasper go through some hardships together, to maximise their joy when they can finally meet the fans.”

Jasper and Seunggi have similar smiles!
The PDs admitted that while casting Seunggi was a ‘no-brainer’, once they met Jasper Liu, his charm and smile (which was similar to Seunggi’s) sealed the deal!

Jasper admitted that he depended quite a bit on Seunggi (as he was a rookie to unscripted/reality variety series) and was impressed by Seunggi’s abilities. Both were pitted against one another for a mission in Chiang Mai and he realised that it would have been so difficult for him to win against Seunggi, jokingly adding that “he will observe the episode when it airs to watch how Seunggi managed to cheat/handle the mission“.

In filming with Seunggi, Jasper learned that he should keep persisting, stay optimistic and believe in their friendship to complete the missions given to them. Throughout the interview, he stressed how “unscripted” TWOgether was and had to rely on Seunggi’s leadership as they were never told what the production crew had in mind for them *cue: watch the episode in Jakarta*.

Seunggi and Jasper Liu fist-bumping when talking about TWOgether
Seunggi and Jasper Liu fist-bumping after sharing a moment during the online press conference.

As TWOgether was a much smaller team than the usual Korean variety shows, there were some initial concerns. The PDs and Seunggi acknowledged that a bigger cast is normally advantageous for unscripted shows and Seunggi wondered if they filmed well enough for Netflix to broadcast the series *cue laughter*.

Ultimately, he feels that Jasper and himself had good chemistry and is hopeful that this will translate into good entertainment (fireworks!) and a new style for the audience. As they had to struggle to overcome language and cultural barriers, TWOgether would be relatable/emotional for viewers in following their journey and growing friendship.

PDs took travel recommendations which suited Seunggi and Jasper
PDs share their thoughts on the show and the teamwork between Seunggi and Jasper. “There were many fans, so we took in travel recommendations which suited Seung-gi and Jasper’s personalities and preferences.”

Seunggi had no qualms answering when he thought their friendship was solidified. He brought up Jasper bringing along a regal-looking set of pyjamas for sleep and was surprised since they do not normally practise this when filming in South Korea (another example of cultural difference between them).

However, during their next filming period, Jasper actually brought another set of similar pyjamas for Seunggi! Jasper was quick to quip that it was champagne gold while Seunggi interjected that Jasper’s was a solemn navy colour in comparison. “I can’t wear it even when I’m in Korea,” laments Seunggi.

Jasper and Seunggi shares a chuckle during the Twogether press conference
Seunggi jokes that he will not be in champagne gold pyjamas on air again, anytime soon. So, do keep an eye for it when you watch TWOgether!

Fans can expect to see a more initiative Seunggi as he had to lead Jasper in this show and while despite having a very “boyfriend-material” image (and Seunggi thinks Jasper is even sweeter in real life compared to the roles he plays in dramas), Jasper is also clumsy and adorable.

For closure, the PDs hope that TWOgether will allow viewers to travel voraciously (since we are going through tough times) and as a lot of preparation was put into making the series entertaining, they hope that it will be a comfortable, enjoyable and “bromance-filled” one for all.

As the press conference host states, we look forward to this collaboration by the “future of K-entertainment” (Lee Seunggi) and “hidden gem” (Jasper Liu).

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