Exploring the World’s Favorite Superheroes

Superheroes are some of the most loved fictional characters in the world and have been for almost a century. While the release of new films often prompts one particular personality to rise to prominence, some superheroes stand the test of time.

This list looks at some of the most popular superheroes of the last few years, to understand why they are the world’s favorites.


  1. Batman

Batman has remained one of the world’s favorite superheroes ever since the character was first featured in 1939. Otherwise known as Bruce Wayne, he is a billionaire business owner who is set on avenging the death of his parents. For those who aren’t quite as well versed in the world of superheroes, one way of fully understanding the level of Batman’s popularity is from the expensive memorabilia. Prices of the most converted items are so high that avid fans have been known to save for years to afford them.


  1. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the alias of Peter Parker, a timid orphan who transforms at night to roam New York City, keeping its streets safe. This character became an instant success after publication in 1962, as it is one of the first examples of a teenage superhero, the insecure nature of Peter Parker gave younger readers something to relate too, rather than the traditional all-American tough man. Spider-Man is still considered to be a success, even today. According to the research conducted by Cash Lady, which looked at every country’s favorite superhero movie, Spider-Man came in second place behind Black Panther, with 21 votes to 48. Considering, Captain Marvel, which came in third place, only gained 14 votes, it is clear to say that Peter Parker is someone fans can’t get enough of.


  1. Iron Man

Iron Man was first featured in the Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963 and has boomed in notoriety ever since. The story of how Tony Stark became Iron man is a very interesting one. Mr. Stark, a wealthy scientist, was kidnapped but evaded his captors by creating a mechanized suit of armor out of what he had access to. This suit is then used to defend the Marvel Universe. Have a read of this article for some fun Avengers related content.


  1. Superman

No matter where one is in the world, chances are, you will have heard of Superman. Created back in 1938, this character is as much a superhero as an icon. Clark Kent works as a mild-mannered journalist for the Daily Planet, but by night he takes to the skies to defend the city of Metropolis. Born on the planet Krypton, but sent to earth as baby, Superman has incredible strength and impervious skin, making him a match for any villain.


  1. Wolverine

Coming to the comic book scene much later than the world’s other favorite superheroes, Wolverine has made quite an impression. First seen in the closing panel of the 1974 Incredible Hulk #180 comic, he has come to be most closely associated with the X-Men. Wolverine is a mutant who has animal-like senses, enhanced physical capabilities, which include his power to regenerate. According to Marvel Comics, Wolverine is best known for the six retractable foot-long claws on his hands.


Taking a look at the world’s favorite superheroes shows some common themes, the most loved characters tend to be many decades old. Yet, with the contrast release of more and more superhero films and comics, fans are constantly looking out for new favorites to add to this list.

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