The Magic of Wobble Technology™

Let’s picture this: The whizzing sound of the washing machine stops, and you are ready to take out the laundry. However, this is usually the beginning of your frustration – you pull some freshly washed clothes out of your washing machine, only to discover that the laundry has wadded and tangled up into one big mass! This wrinkles and stretches your clothes, and might cause them to wear out prematurely.

We understand the frustration – taking clothes out of the washing machine only to find that some of them have tears or rips is discouraging to say the least. Sometimes, washing machines with powerful washing abilities might be the culprit behind the tangled and damaged laundry. After all, the whole point of doing laundry is to keep them clean so you can wear them again.

How do we fix this?   

Instead of tossing torn clothes out and get the new ones, Samsung has a tangle-free solution for this.

Samsung’s new laundry line-up, the Top Load Washing Machine WA6000R, is an innovative washing machine with Wobble Technology™. On top of its premium design, larger laundry capacity, and more programmed washing options; it is an innovative washing machine that promises tangle-free laundry at the end of each washing cycle.

Thanks to its Wobble Technology™, the Top Load Washing Machine WA6000R is gentle to your laundry without compromising washing performance. The Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles, twist, and knots while gently and thoroughly cleaning your garments with its increased washing power. In other words, the Wobble Technology™ will keep your laundry untangled and knot-free!

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