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Instantly refresh your pores with innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X. With a 98% clinically proven instant sebum absorption effect*, even blackheads, dead skin cells, and fine dust can be easily removed with a single use.

This 10-in-1 mask is formulated with Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™, one of innisfree’s signature ingredients for effective pore cleansing.

The exceptional waste-removal properties of this clay mask puts an end to the vicious cycle of your pore problems. Despite its strong absorption power, the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X is a low irritant, leaving a refreshing finish suitable even for sensitive skin. Best when used 2 times per week, rinse off after ten minutes.

Price: RM60.00 /100ml

*Clinical test on a total of 30 people aged between 20 – 35 years old, Global Medical Research Center Co. Ltd, 3rd Jan – 9th Jan 2020.




● Sebum absorption
● Pore tightening
● Dead skin cell exfoliation
● Deep cleansing
● Skin tone improvement
● Blackhead removal
● Cooling effect
● Fine dust removal
● Skin texture improvement
● Firming

** Clinical test on a total of 31 females aged between 20 – 40 years old, P&K Skin Research Center Co. Ltd., 13th Dec – 19th Dec 2018.



Super Volcanic Pore Micellar Cleansing Foam 2X

innisfree’s new Super Volcanic Pore Micellar Cleansing Foam 2X is a solution to effective yet hydrating pore cleansing care. Formulated with innisfree’s proprietary Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™, this cleanser provides a two times more powerful sebum absorption effect, to effectively remove even ultrafine dust particles in pores.

Its micellar formula helps to draw impurities from your skin like a magnet while simultaneously hydrating your skin, leaving it soft and still moist after cleansing. Enjoy potent pore cleansing with a mild and gentle texture.

Price: RM45.00 / 150ml



Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle

innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum is now more than the brand’s no. 1 serum – it is also now the proud bearer of the brand’s first paper bottle that embodies the idea of Skin-loving formula, Earth-loving packaging. This jumbo-sized, Limited Edition Paper Bottle is created with 51.8% less plastic than its standard counterpart with unbleached outer paper mould that can
be easily removed and recycled after use.

Paper Bottle represents so much of innisfree’s stance on its responsibility to the environment. It is innisfree’s first step in developing sustainable product packaging to reduce its impact on the environment.

It is available in a jumbo-size and at a lower price for inni-friends to enjoy more for less.

Price: RM152.00 / 160ml



Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream SPF30 PA++

Meet our best-selling Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream, now with SPF 30 PA++ UV protection on top of its hydrating and brightening effects. This upgraded formula is even more moisturising with a moist and firm texture. As with the previous formulation, this tone-up cream contains Jeju cherry blossom leaf extracts for its brightening effects and natural betaine, derived from beets, which provides hydrating care.

Price: RM70.00



Jeju Cherry Blossom Mist

There’s never a dull or dehydrated moment with innisfree’s Jeju Cherry Blossom Mist. Enriched with Jeju cherry blossom leaf extracts and niacinamide, this mist works to brighten and revitalise tired looking skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid and natural betaine, derived from beets, which help to moisturise skin and create a protective barrier that prevents dehydration.

Comes with a natural fruity floral scent, this mist has a light, non-sticky texture that allows for multiple applications, to reveal natural glass skin with a healthy glow!

Price: RM70.00 / 120ml



2020 My Palette F/W Collection

innisfree’s ever-expanding My Palette collection is joined by two new 8-pan eyeshadow palettes inspired by the gorgeous, rich tones of Jeju Island’s sunrises and sunsets during fall & winter.

Both palettes contain a mixture of matte and dual-coated glittery colours to help you create your desired look whether that be soft and natural or shiny and glittering from all angles. Their shades are formulated with very fine pigments that apply evenly and thinly even with multiple applications.

Price: RM115.00 / palette


Before Sunrise

Captures the quiet essence of the morning – alluding to the glint of morning dew on an autumn field. These daily shades are a good choice for soft, romantic eye makeup.

Palette tone: ginger, rose tone.


Before Sunset

Captures the breathtaking evening moment of the sky washed in red. These deep point colours are great for creating an intense, evening look.

Palette tone: burnt orange,w gold tone.


Blueberry Rebalancing Line

innisfree’s Superfood lines are developed to bring the absolute best that nature has to offer to your skin. Each line uses seasonal foods that are rich in moisture, antioxidants, and minerals. All the products in these lines are free from mineral oils, animal ingredients, synthetic pigments, synthetic fragrances, and parabens.

innisfree uses a green brewing extraction method to brew the ingredients repeatedly, more than 5 times, at a low temperature, in order to best capture the goodness and preserve the active ingredients. Comes with minimalistic packaging with labels indicating the harvest month and ingredient origin.

Introducing Blueberry Rebalancing line that is rich in natural antioxidants from blueberries harvested in their best season. The products in this line have a pH level of 5.5 that provide balanced skin care for an even, well-moisturised complexion.


Blueberry Rebalancing Cleansing Water

This gentle, mildly acidic cleansing water removes impurities and makeup with a refreshing finish. It contains natural-origin cleansing and moisturising ingredients: Propanediol and fermented corn extract.

Price: RM39.00 / 200ml

Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser

This mildly acidic cleanser has a pH level of 5.5, helping to build healthy skin from the very first step of your routine. It deep cleanses with foam, soft as blueberry flesh, leaving a moisturising, fresh-feeling finish.

Price: RM24.00 / 100ml


Blueberry Rebalancing Skin

This toner, with the antioxidant ability of blueberries, restores the pH level for healthy skin. Its moisturising ingredients are
delivered as micro-particles for more effective absorption. It is a toner for all seasons and can be applied with a cotton pad or by hand.

Price: RM39.00 / 150ml


Blueberry Rebalancing Lotion

This lotion balances the skin’s acidity and oil-water level, densely filling the stratum corneum with triple hyaluronic acid for a moisturising and glowing effect. Its texture allows it to spread smoothly with zero stickiness.

Price: RM39.00 / 130ml


Blueberry Rebalancing Cream

This moisture cream with rich moisture and excellent moisture retention leaves a clean and non-sticky finish. It contains various capsuled moisturising ingredients: hyaluronic acid, portulaca oleracea extract, and trehalose to name a few.

Price: RM46.00 / 50ml


Blueberry Rebalancing Watery Sun Cream SPF45 PA+++

With SPF45 PA+++, this physical sunscreen has a moisture serum-like watery formula that is free from the stickiness and
stuffiness associated with typical physical UV blocks. It leaves zero white casts and feels lightweight even after applying several layers.

Price: RM44.00 / 40ml

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