[Press Conference] SF8 Sci-Fi K-Drama on Oh!K (Episode 7 : Love Virtually)

SF8 Episode #7: Love Virtually (증강 콩깍지)

Premiere: Saturday, 26 September 2020, 8pm, Oh!K (Astro Ch 394)

Cast: Choi Si-won as Seo Min-jun, Uee as Han Ji-won

Director: Oh Ki-hwan

Synopsis: This is a realistic romantic drama about Min-jun and Ji-won. The couple started dating through a VR app called “Love Virtually”, but aren’t able to meet anymore due to the malfunction of the app. They lied to each other about their looks and are scared to meet in real life, but their interesting love story only begins now.


Host: Director Oh, where did the idea start from?

Oh Ki-hwan (OKH): What I chose to reference was Shrek. What if I take this sort of world to the future?


Host: Choi Si-won, if you could choose one of the humans, whose face would you choose?

Choi Si-won (CSW): Actually, I’ve thought about that few times while I was filming. I think I would just live quietly as myself. Better to not cause any chaos or confusion.


Host: Uee, are there any scenes or lines from the movie that you especially empathized with?

Uee: What keeps on resonating even after the filming was over was “can you feel? It’s me.” This is a repetitive line. It’s a line hoping that I can be felt somehow regardless of how you look. At the last scene, I hug Min-joon and do this line. It wasn’t a sad scene but I suddenly choked up. I can’t forget that scene and the line.


Host: Choi Si-won and Uee, both of you have singing background. Did you two had any similarities or were there areas that was helpful?

CSW: Not because we were singers, we knew each other from long time ago. So, it was helpful to adapt on filming site. To explain in my rather humble opinion, I think it was helpful in terms of being cool in front of camera.

Uee: Actually, he is much more senior than I am in the singing world. I tend to dance on filming site. Every time I dance, my male counterparts don’t correspond much, but Si-won was the only one who did. That part was very nice. If there are similarities as singers, then I guess that is.


Host: Choi Si-won, in the movie you appear as the most perfect face. In a way that’s because your actual look is perfect enough to be casted in this movie. Were you satisfied or what are some of the thoughts you had while filming?

CSW: That’s a difficult question to answer. I don’t know much about that. Just trying to do my best.


Host: Uee, how was working on a SF genre piece?

Uee: When I first had a meeting with the director, I asked him in awe is it really true that I am casted to this movie? I thanked him multiple times and I said I will try my best to become the best fit for the role of Ji-won. Thank you again director Oh. (Choi Si-won “Thank you director Oh”)


Host: Uee and Choi Si-won, it seems like in this movie you can choose your look/face. Have you guys ever thought that you want to live in someone else’s look/face? Or did you in any way got stressed because of your look/face. Any experience of using such dating app or meeting someone virtually?

Uee: Inside the app in the movie, it’s our face before plastic surgeries. Our actual face is the face after plastic surgery. AI make a mistake and there are about 10,000 people with our faces. So, when I download the app, I meet Si-won’s character with my face before the surgery. The point for me is the love for Si-won’s character who loves my face before the surgery. And no, I have never used such an app in real life

Choi Si-won: If Uee were to use such an app, I bet the server will explode. Better not to try (laughter).


Host: What is the charm of SF genre?

OKH: If the title of this project wasn’t SF8, but rather Melo8 or Thriller8, I don’t this would have garnered this much interest. SF stands for science fiction. But, for me personally I translate as super fantasy. So, I think the charm of this genre is that you can really lay out infinite creativity.

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