[Exclusive] Lee Si-young talks about SF8

SF8 is a Korean original sci-fi anthology series telling the story of people who dream of a perfect society through technological advancements.

The series features diverse sci-fi topics from artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, gaming, fantasy, horror, supernatural powers and disasters.

Stars of the series include Choi Si Won, Uee, EXID’s Hani, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Dong Hwi, Moon So Ri, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Si Young and is directed by Jang Cheol Soo, Oh Ki Hwan, Min Kyu Dong, Lee Yoon Jung, Kim Eui Seok, Roh Deok, Ahn Gooc Jin, and Han Ka Ram.

The series has been regarded as a Korean equivalent of the British series Black Mirror as they have the same format and similar themes, but SF8 involved eight different filmmakers.

K-popped! had a chance to have a chat with Lee Si-young, who is one of the cast for episode 4, titled Blink.

SF8: Blink tells a story about the SF investigation of Detective Ji Woo who hates artificial intelligence technology – ‘AI’.

As Ji woo lost her parents to an automatic driving car, she didn’t believe anything related to ‘AI’ since then, and only trusts herself. One day, she meets new freshman detective, Seo Nang. But Seo Nang is actually an ‘AI’ transplanted inside her brain.

What attracted you to take up the role in this drama?

Lee Si Young : I was more excited and curious about doing an action role with a female director than Ji-woo’s character. That’s why I chose ‘Blink’. Also, I personally like SF genre and it was novel and fun to take part in this movie this time. It was a bit different from working on other previous movies/dramas.


How would you describe your character in this drama and what are her charms?

Lee Si Young : Deep down Ji-woo experiences great sorrow as she has lost her family when she was young, but at the same time, she is distinctively bright, cheerful, and cannot stand injustice.


How did you prepare for the drama?

Lee Si Young : In order to portray a physically fit Ji-woo, I started to work out several months before the actual filming started.


What are your thoughts about this concept of a AI / technology-focused SF8 series?

Lee Si Young : I see that AI is essential but amazingly it still feels so distant.Obviously I felt amazed about AI and I still think as such in my everyday life. It’s a topic that penetrates through our drama so I think my thoughts are the same. For me, I still trust my instinct as human more and have affinity towards analogue things despite all the developments and advancements. Through working on Blink, that mind I think started to slowly change in a positive way.


Please describe the show in three words.

Lee Si Young : I will leave the audience with a question instead. Where will humans stand / where will we be in the future?


SF8: Blink aired Saturday, 5 September 2020, 8pm on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394). It’s also available on Astro On Demand and Astro GO.

Cast: Lee Si-Young as Ji Woo, Ha Joon as Seo Nang

Director: Han Ka-ram

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