H1GHR Music’s artists embrace Seattle and Seoul hip-hop scene on the new BLUE TAPE Album

The second part of the compilation features the global label’s rising talents along with founders Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone 

“H1GHR MUSIC is embarking on a journey to become the predominant hip-hop label in the country.” Billboard Korea

“The kings of Korean hip-hop”Cultr

H1GHR Music Records gifted fans with the official music video “Oscar” followed by the BLUE TAPE album, the second part of the compilation project featuring all the artists signed by the label. The continuation of the celebration that started with RED TAPE crafts new colors and a more mellow tone playing with flows and lyrics, showing the versatility and incomparable talents of global label rising names.

“Oscar” shows a more romantic side of the rappers, narrating through the song a love that deserves an Oscar, like a musical rom-com. The track included celebrated artists pH-1, Golden, BIG Naughty, and Jay Park, showcasing funny acting in the music video where they fail to get a girl and look for help from close friends.


The BLUE TAPE finishes the commemorative album of H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS’ third anniversary and explores the concept of “global label” embraced by founders Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. The album is highlighted with a great variety of sounds, creating songs that are not limited by conventional hip-hop and expose all the potential and unique style, already typical of H1GHR Music.

The compilation shows the result of the union between rhythm and voices, representing from Seattle to Seoul through music and hip-hop culture. The full album features Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone themselves, besides pH-1, Sik-K, Golden, the duo GroovyRoom, BIG Naughty, HAON, DJ SMMT, TRADE L, Woogie, Woodie Gochild, 28AV, and more.

“H1GHR: BLUE TAPE is packed with a wide variety of singing and rap performances by H1GHR MUSIC artists, and is expected to deliver a fresh, exciting experience to listeners and hip-hop fans,” said Jay Park, CEO of the label.

The full compilation already has the music videos of H1GHR (Intro), Cypher, How We Rock, Team, The Purge, DDDD Freestyle, Gotta Go, and Oscar, but still promises to gift fans with more exclusive contents to mark a brilliant era. The albums are available on online streaming platforms and YouTube.



1. Champagne Diet
Prod. by GroovyRoom: 박재범, 28AV, pH-1, Gemini
The first track of the BLUE TAPE, ‘Champagne Diet’ features a catchy guitar riff by GroovyRoom along with H1GHR MUSIC’s international artist 28AV and Korean hip-hop rising star Gemini. It marks the beginning of the change in mood from the RED TAPE to the BLUE TAPE.

2. Me&Bae
Prod. by SMMT: 식케이 (Sik-K), pH-1, 김하온 (HAON)
Artists showcase their sweet lyrics over a mellow, bouncy beat on ‘Me&Bae’. SMMT also displays a different style of production after his first debut in the RED TAPE.

3. Selfish
Prod. by Mokyo: Golden (김지현)
Golden’s enchanting vocals are fully showcased on this R&B track. The repetitive tape-rewinded melody paired with a deep bassline evokes a sense of melancholy. In contrast, Golden’s lyrics portray a selfish man who loves two women at the same time.

4. Last Song
Prod. by Bronze: pH-1, 박재범, Audrey Nuna
pH-1’s hook and Jay Park’s verse complement each other over a beat that reminds us of a sunny beachside. Especially the rising pop artist Audrey Nuna’s feature completes the BLUE TAPE’s R&B hip-hop sound.

5. ㄱ에서부터 0에서부터 (Back From 0)
Prod. by BOYCOLD: 식케이 (Sik-K), Woodie Gochild, 김하온 (HAON), pH-1
BOYCOLD’s unique bright beat provides a strong addition to Sik-K, Woodie Gochild, HAON, and pH-1’s hopeful lyrics on ‘Back From 0’. The visual for this track will feature footage of the happiest moments from international fans, making a meaningful track for both fans and H1GHR MUSIC.

6. 잠깐만 (LIVE)
Prod. by WOOGIE: BIG Naughty (서동현)
‘LIVE’ is a solo track from BIG Naughty, who left a great impact on listeners from the RED TAPE. Listeners can experience WOOGIE’s simple acoustic guitar riff along with BIG Naughty’s interesting rhyme scheme and laidback vocals.

7. 수고했어 (LEAN On Me)
Prod. by GXXD : Woodie Gochild, TRADE L, 식케이 (Sik-K)
‘Lean On Me’ features a rhythmical beat from GXXD with lyrics that warm-heartedly cheer us up. Especially Woodie Gochild showcases mellow vocals that we’ve rarely heard before.

8. Oscar
Prod. by GXXD : pH-1, Golden (김지현), BIG Naughty (서동현), 박재범
pH-1, BIG Naughty, Golden, and Jay Park’s adorable lyrics and mellow vocals singing about a girl they love, form a sort of romantic comedy on ‘Oscar’.

9. Afternoon
Prod. by Bronze: 박재범, Golden (김지현), pH-1
Jay Park and Golden’s soothing vocals and pH-1’s refreshing rap showcase the best of H1GHR MUSIC’s vocalists on ‘Afternoon’.

10. End Of The Night 
Prod. by WOOGIE: 박재범, Ted Park, Woodie Gochild, Big Naughty (서동현)
‘End of the Night’ features a Latin-rhythm beat paired with Jay Park, Ted Park, Woodie Gochild, and BIG Naughty’s singing-rap.

11. Gotta Go
Prod. by Bronze: 식케이 (Sik-K), Golden (김지현), pH-1, 박재범
‘Gotta Go’ is characterized by its refined but trendy beat, together with Sik-K, Golden, pH-1, and Jay Park’s lyrics full of confidence.

12. RSVP (Remix)
Prod. by BOYCOLD: 식케이 (Sik-K), TRADE L, Woodie Gochild, BIG Naughty (서동현)
BIG Naughty, TRADE L, and Woodie Gochild hop on the remix version of Sik-K’s HEADLINER title track ‘RSVP’. A variety of different styled verses paired with BOYCOLD’s trendy beat prove to be an exciting remix.

13. Swing My Way
Prod. by Cha Cha Malone: Phe REDS, Cha Cha Malone
‘Swing My Way’ features not only Cha Cha Malone’s production, lyrics, and vocals, but also Phe REDS sweet but honest singing towards his loved one.

14. Toast
Prod. by Bronze: pH-1, Golden (김지현), 박재범, 식케이 (Sik-K)
‘Toast’ commemorates both the RED TAPE and BLUE TAPE, marking a celebration of H1GHR MUSIC’s past, present, and future.

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