Netflix Releases THE SCHOOL NURSE FILES Official Trailer

Netflix has released the main trailer for its Korean original series The School Nurse Files. This upbeat fantasy series is about a school nurse named Ahn Eun-young who, unlike her unremarkable name, has the uncanny ability to see supernatural jellies that are invisible to others. She discovers peculiar mysteries at her new school and tackles these problems with the help of the Classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo.

The released trailer, which begins with the monologue “I am Ahn Eun-young, the school nurse. There is a world that only I can see,” introduces her extraordinary world. Ahn Eun-young was born into the fate of waging a lifelong battle against the jellies. She grunts in annoyance as she wields her rainbow sword, but to the Classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo, her random movements appear very strange. He looks at her curiously as she tries to pass them off as practice moves for Zumba dance. Once he discovers her secret as well as his own special power to recharge her, Hong In-pyo becomes her hand-in-hand partner in exorcising jellies.

Jellies in all shapes and color, from a giant toad to a playful octopus, dissipate when struck by Ahn Eun-young’s rainbow sword and BB gun, as if she has made a clean sweep before leveling up in a video game. Ahn Eun-young, who must devote her time and energy in fighting the lonely battle against the jellies, and Hong In-pyo, whose disabled leg caused him to distance himself from others, come to rely on each other. Their story of personal growth promises to bring quiet inspiration and gentle excitement to the screen. From Eun-young’s staunch supporter Hwa Su, who is the director of an acupuncture clinic, to the mysterious colleague Mackenzie, other interesting characters heighten the suspense of Ahn Eun-young’s struggle to defeat the jellies and restore peace.

The main trailer for The School Nurse Files enthralls viewers with its vivid images of the two teachers embroiled in daily battle against the jellies to a unique score of energetic music. The School Nurse Files will be released worldwide on September 25th only on Netflix.


Eun-young might seem like an ordinary school nurse, but behind her mundane appearance is her supernatural ability to see monsters (ectoplasm) as jelly figures. When she’s appointed to a new high school, she quickly discovers mysterious secrets that threaten the students and fights alongside her fellow teacher In-pyo, the handsome heir to the school.

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