Get Comfy and Cozy with The Latest Popular K-Dramas on Netflix

It’s October and we’re missing those nostalgic autumn vibes. While we can’t travel and enjoy different food, weather, and fashion, we can live vicariously through some of the latest K-dramas on Netflix. Here are some of our latest favorite shows and essentials to help you replicate that cozy feeling at home.


When You Are Craving Change

If you wish you’re wishing for change, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is the show for you! Gu Ra-ra (Go A-ra) is a bubbly pianist whose world turns upside down after encountering misfortune. Luckily, she meets the handsome and mysterious Sunwoo Jun (Lee Jae-wook) who helps Ra-ra adjust. There’s plenty of humorous and romantic moments to enjoy as Ra-ra and Jun change each other’s lives for the better. Furthermore, it’s set in a sea-side city which will provide a nice change of scenery.


When You’re Missing Autumn Fashion

If you miss wearing clothing suitable for cooler weather, Private Lives will be right up your alley. A story about conning and being conned, these experts switch up disguises frequently and wear diverse looks. Everyone and everything is not as it seems, so there are many twists and turns in the story. Fast-paced and full of costumes, Private Lives provides a sleek and fashionable look into the intriguing world of con artists. In addition to the exciting wardrobe changes, there’s a romance brewing between Cha Joo-eun (Seohyun) and Lee Jeong-hwan (Ko Kyung-pyo)!


When You Miss Traveling

Korea might be on your dream or frequent travel list, and for good reason! Start-Up showcases the glamorous, modern side as well as the everyday charm of Korea. Four young people enter the start-up world and seek to achieve their dreams in the city of Seoul. There are beautiful scenes that capture the gorgeous landscape as well as the stunning cast including Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and Kang Han-na. You can also experience heart-fluttering feels as the four characters experience love and growth.


When You Want To Go Back In Time

Many of us would love to go back to simpler times. While that isn’t possible at the moment, you can experience time travel through Familiar Wife. The drama mixes romance and fantasy when Cha Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) travels back in time and ends up marrying his first love Lee Hye-won (Kang Han-na) instead of his original wife Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min). Joo-hyuk experiences conflicting feelings when his close friend Yoon Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo) develops an interest in Woo-jin. Familiar Wife provides a romantic adventure that shows what happens when we get what we wish for.


When You Miss Autumn Weather

When My Love Blooms was filmed during the colder season, so there are many scenes set in fall and winter. It tells a tender love story about two university student lovers who meet again as very different people 20 years later. Han Jae-hyun (Yoo Ji-tae) is a successful businessman, but has a strained relationship with his wife. Yun Ji-su (Lee Bo-young) is a single mother working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. Reunited when their sons get into a fight at school, the pair begin to rekindle their romance and fight forces against their happiness.


Experience autumn vicariously through these K-dramas and more as you enjoy watching in the comfort of your own home!

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