Go A-ra and Lee Jae-wook Ask You To Check Out Their New Drama DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL!

Go A-ra and Lee Jae-wook’s new rom-com drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has premiered on Netflix!

You won’t be able to help but fall in love with their delightful characters! Gu Ra-ra (Go A-ra) is a very bubbly and optimistic pianist. Upon encountering great misfortune, she runs into Sunwoo Jun (Lee Jae-wook) who is running away from a mysterious past. Ra-ra is almost shameless as she asks Jun to lend her money and help her recover. Despite his annoyance, Jun can’t help but continue to help Ra-ra out. He appears a bit brusque, but his kind actions reveal his warm heart.

The characters have much to deal with as their lives become intertwined. Ra-ra needs to learn how to become an independent adult. Meanwhile, Jun has to face the people he has been trying to escape. There are also other curious characters involved.

Look forward to Lee Jae-wook blossoming into a swoon-worthy male lead and Go A-ra being effervescently adorable! Dive into their sweet romance and figure out the various mysteries surrounding the characters as you enjoy their cute antics.

Watch an exclusive shout-out from Go A-ra and Lee Jae-wook here and don’t miss out on watching Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, only on Netflix. New episodes are released every Wednesday and Thursday from 7 October 2020, at 10.00PM MYT. 


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol follows a lovable pianist named Gu Ra-ra (Go A-ra), whose life hits rock bottom when her family’s finances collapse. Gu Ra-ra meets the mysterious Sunwoo Jun (Lee Jae-wook), a gruff guy who is happily living a carefree lifestyle as a freelancer. With laughter, tears and love, they come to mean something special to each other.

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