Satisfy Your K-Pop Mania: 3 Ways to Enjoy Music of Your Favorite Artist

Music videos filled with sharp dance moves, extravagant visual art, and costumes that are always challenging the set fashion norms can pulsate anyone’s heart. And that’s the everyday life story of a K-pop fan. Many fans are just into giving a kick to the YouTube views of their favorite artist, but some fans really like to enjoy the K-pop music that has distinct vibes, a mix-and-match of everything from R&B, rock, electronic dance, experimental, and jazz.

So if you are also one of those K-pop fanatics who has been swiped by the global wave of K-mania, we have come here with some insightful tips to take your love for K-music to the next level:


Download Videos to Carry Fun All the Time

Watching YouTube videos is fun, but only if you have the internet. No internet means that you can’t stream your favorite video by any possible means. And you know you can’t have access to the internet all the time. And what if you feel like listening to music while you are traveling, but you don’t have an internet connection? That would be very annoying, no?

So instead of going through this annoying situation, you should convert the video from YouTube to mp3 and download it on your device. It will make you free from the constraint of internet connection, and you will be able to listen to music whenever, wherever you want – all the time.


Create a Playlist of Favorite Songs

It is quite irritating when you want to listen to your favorite artist’s songs in a flow, but every time you have to search for the next song to play. It just takes a few seconds, but it breaks your tempo and grooving vibes. The situation worsens when you have to rebuild your vibes from scratch – and you can’t build them. Eh! This maddening situation can be avoided if you make a playlist of your favorite numbers just like you make on iTunes and then listen to your cherished voices and beats in a flow without any interruption.


Explore Suggestions to Find New Genre

Another best thing about YouTube is that it gives you suggestions for different songs. You play a song and get a log of the list of different songs along with it. That list is not for distraction. You can use it to explore new songs. Okay, fine! I understand that if you are a signature k-popper, you might not like listening to other artists other than your favorite oppas. But come one! Seriously, some artists and genres are worth giving a try, and they can satisfy your love for music like anything. So give this suggestion feature a try; you will not regret it!

K-pop love is like a whole new world. And if you have decided to become a part of this world, you have to be fully prepared to handle the gushing mania of k-pop because once you are in, there is no way out. So be prepared to become a permanent part of this enchanting world to enjoy your journey to the fullest!

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