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Unfold Multitasking Experiences That Were Never Possible. Change the Shape of the Future.

The best smartphone for business use and professional work needs a few things to make it great for productivity: give you versatility in the apps you use, and have the powerful multitasking feature to let you do all your work. The latest Galaxy Z Fold2 has them all, in one device.

Multi-Active Window

On the main screen, the Multi-Active Window feature lets you have up to three apps open on the screen. You can choose the size and layout of the apps by splitting the screen either horizontally or vertically. You can also view multiple files from the same app side by side. For example, you could have two Internet browser windows open side by side or be looking at a PowerPoint presentation while writing and email. On the cover screen, Multi-Active Window allows you to view two apps split horizontally.


App Pair

With the App pair feature, you can group apps and a particular layout so that you can open them simultaneously from the Edge Panel. This is a very convenient feature if you routinely use multiple apps together.


Drag and Drop

The Z Fold2 supports drag and drop between apps, letting you transfer text, images, and even documents from one app to another.  For example, you could drag a Word document on one side of the screen and attach it to an email in Outlook on the other side. You could drag a chart from Excel open on one half of the screen into a PowerPoint presentation open on the other half. With Split Screen Capture, you can also capture the screen of one app and transfer the captured image to another.


Today, you can make a statement with the latest Galaxy Z Fold2 when you multitask. In conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold2 in Malaysia, customers who purchase the Galaxy Z Fold2 starting from 25th September (promotion ends 31st October 2020) will be entitled to amazing gifts – a pair of Buds Live worth RRP RM699 and One-time Inner Screen Crack Protection[1]. In addition, customers will enjoy the following:

  1. Trade in your old device and save up to RM 3,940 off Galaxy Z Fold2.
  2. Purchase Z Fold2 case at 20% off for every purchase of Galaxy Z Fold2 device[2](promotion ends on 25thOct).
PWP ItemsRRPPromotion
Leather CoverRM 399Promo price RM319
Aramid Standing CoverRM 299Promo price RM 239

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