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For Keeps: A Companion That Fuels Both Productivity and Creativity

With 24 hours in the day and a growing to-do list, we often ask whether it can all be done without compromising either creativity or productivity. It is true that creativity does not come in an instant. Nevertheless, we can nurture creative thinking and find ways that can harness both to achieve our goals. After all, productivity is what is needed to take our big ideas, bring it down to reality and setting it into motion.

Owning a device like the Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+, can foster productivity and creativity by maximizing your brainpower when using different tools or apps to deliver your thoughts. Take a read of some of the creative tools below:

Let your thoughts flow with Noteshelf

When creativity hits you, scribble your ideas and examples you thought of using the Noteshelf app as it gives you the freedom to create and customize as many virtual notebooks as you want and even organize them in an easy to access Bookcase. With use of the S Pen, you can make your notes enjoyable for yourself or your colleagues to read by selecting from a choice of pens, nib sizes and colours, adding geometric images, sketching over photos, highlighting, annotating documents and recording audio.

Design like a professional with Canva

If you are looking for design inspiration for marketing materials, proposal presentations, event invitations – then the Canva app is a great tool as it offers simple and artistic design templates. Get out from a creative rut and work efficiently with thousands of pre-made templates or create your own with fonts, images, videos and illustrations to utilize. The Canva app is available for Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ users with a 30-day free trial for Canva Pro along with 200 exclusive templates and fonts designed just for Galaxy Tab users. In addition, 50 new templates are updated four times a year for Galaxy Tab users!


Be the artist and create your masterpiece

If you are into digital art, you can create art like the pros by using the S Pen together with Clip Studio Paint to bring your visions to life in ease. All you need to do is set the mood; get that perfect cup of coffee, turn on your favourite playlist and illustrate to create animations or comics with the help of storyboarding, inking, and other tools, whenever and wherever you are. The app is pre-loaded on the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+, the first Android version of the app is yours free for 6 months (worth RM221).

Besides knowing which creative tools you can work with, understanding which time of the day you are most productive is also crucial. Make use of the Samsung Notes app and create a spread that reflects your priorities – schedule the heavy-duty work during your most productive hours and the less important tasks when you are in a less-than-productive state, so that you can let your creative ideas flow again while checking things off your to-do list.


Here, check out these cute creative videos of how Jared increases his productivity and how Marianne lives her creatively inspired day:




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