Share the Love this Green Holiday Season

innisfree partners with LA-based artist and designer Steven Harrington
just in time for the holidays

The year 2020, once thought to be brimming with possibility and exponential growth, has turned out to be quite the opposite for most. Despite the troubles the year has brought, there have been many bright spots that have showcased some of the best humanity has to offer. From overwhelming gestures of kindness, to the sharing of art and music, to working together for the greater good, 2020 has also been a year of coming together even as our situation keeps us apart. In the spirit of spreading more good and joy, innisfree  is excited to announce their collaboration with LA-based artist and designer Steven Harrington for its 2020 Green Holidays Limited Edition.

Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, iconic style inspired by California’s mystique, vastly diverse landscape, and thriving mix of cultures. He is one of LA-based artists who have been selected to design a version of the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games emblem for when the games will be hosted in the city. There’s a timeless quality to his playful and contemplative work which will adorn some of innisfree’s best-loved products as well as some new, Limited Edition additions released just in time for the season of giving.

Harrington’s recognisable characters have been illustrated exchanging gifts and sharing happiness with one another. The vibrant and festive designs of these products were created with gift-giving in mind, encouraging inni-friends to lean into one of the most unique and magical aspects of the holiday season. This collection will give inni-friends the opportunity to treat their friends and loved ones to some of their favourite products or to even get a little gift for themselves.

Those who have been looking forward to 2020 Green Holidays Limited Edition will be excited to see innisfree’s highly anticipated Perfumed Diffuser return in two scents. Both perfumed diffusers come with special gift cards sporting Harrington’s characters and bright designs making them a great gift option this year. The collection will also features jumbo-sized inni-favourites, Green Tea Seed Serum and Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream, as well as Limited Edition products in skincare, makeup, and body.

Even as we approach the festive season during which usually gatherings and celebration abound, innisfree wants to encourage their inni-friends to continue staying safe by observing government SOPs and appropriate physical distancing measures. But does one bring gifts to loved ones when unable to travel? Innisfree makes gifting possible and easy with their newly launched e-Greenus service. Not only does the service provide e-consultation for inni-friends to pick out the perfect gift, but also ensures your chosen products are packaged and delivered to your loved one’s doorstep safely!

Spreading the love doesn’t stop there. As it has every year, innisfree will be donating part of the proceeds from the 2020 Green Holidays Limited Edition to World Vision’s Malaysia Assistance Fund to support their child-related community development work in Mukim Tulid & Mukim Tatalaan, Sabah. inni-friends, through your purchases this Green Holidays, will be spreading extra cheer to children in need.


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