Love Scene Number# in time for Valentine’s Day

The latest MBC K-Drama, Love Scene Number# will be premiering on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021, 7.40pm. New episodes will air Tuesdays, same time.

Love Scene Number# is an eight-episode omnibus drama. It tells four different romance stories featuring four female characters who are each at a turning point in their lives when it comes to love, dating, and their values.
Actress Kim Bo Ra plays the 23-year-old Doo Ah, a university student majoring in psychology. She is involved in a secret polyamorous relationship with three men.
Actress Shim Eun Woo plays the 28-year-old Ha Ram, an elementary school teacher who runs away from her own wedding after undergoing a sudden change of heart. 
Ryu Hwa Young plays the 35-year-old Ban Ya, an adjunct instructor at a university. 
Park Jin Hee plays the 42-year-old Chung Kyung, a furniture designer who discovers that her husband of 20 years is having a spiritual extramarital affair.

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